Gaze into the sky and look at the splendour of a single white cloud! Where else would you find such pure beauty than in whiteness?

❅This white has a story to tell. The mist shapes three creatures; a white wizard, a rabbit and a unicorn… Can you see them?❅

✔Our first white knight is a part of London house music royalty. It is well overdue that we finally welcome MR GILES SMITH to play for Colors! As resident of one of London’s most important parties for almost 15 years, Giles’ has one of the deepest record collections we know while always managing to draw for the tracks that take a club into complete ecstasy!

✔Joining him is our favourite cheeky grinned French selector and Colors resident MONSIEUR GUILHEM MONIN! Consistently setting the musical agenda for many of our parties, Guilhem is a man that keeps surprising us with the passion he plays with and what he gifts to the dancefloor!

✔Three is the magic number and our final musical wonder joins us all the way from Italy – PAQUITA GORDON. Queen of the groove and a friend for many years, her devotion to house music has amassed her a huge following in Milan. Paquita is a genuinely special lady whose energy is felt instantly behind the decks.

White is a special mixture of all Colors! White is light as a butterfly, white is transformation, purity and heaven. Join us for a little taste of white bliss and let’s celebrate the last Colors night of the year!.

Every Colors’ has a unique atmosphere and that is due to the effort of YOU, wonderful people! Let’s keep this beautiful vibe alive and dress white to match with the theme of the night! Wear your white tuxedo, be a greek god, roman emperor, snow queen, or frosty fairy – you can be anything just feel free to use your imagination!  

Place: 9 Kingsland Rd E2 8AA (Entrance from the back of the building!)



2X2 Tickets to win for COLORS #36 SOIRÉE BLANCHE on Friday 4th December 2015. You just need to like our Facebook page and to fill in your details below:


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