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It is with great pleasure we announce that we will be hosting Sammy Dee and Ion Ludwig’s birthdays on the 24th January 2016. This occasion always generates remarkable parties in Berlin for Sammy and still will as, on the 23rd he hosts his Berlin edition at his own space, the infamous Anita Berber. Since Sammy has been with us since the start of this project, plus him being one of our closest, we thought it absolutely appropriate to celebrate his birthday in London, too. Since last year, our January edition too celebrated Ion Ludwig’s birthday so here we join both.

This celebration pays homage to the legacy created by Sammy Dee in these last two decades of music, be it with Perlon or Ultrastretch or his 15-year partnership with Thomas Franzmann aka Zip doing Get Perlonized that remain some of the most consistent and solid parties in Europe to this day.

It is with great honour we have one of our mentors Sammy Dee together with an integral part of us, our dear artist Ion Ludwig, at a super special weekend.

Voigtmann will do the opening duties for Sammy and his guests.

The night of the 23rd you find us at fabric w/ Ricardo, Margaret and Craig then straight to here.

Thank you all


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