Berlin-based James Sison and Edward Antonio are brothers, originally from London, now in Berlin, and co-founders of Bade Records and Stockwerk 13. They also founded their own vinyl-only, self-titled label, Brothers Black. While they were playing at Tresor, we asked them five of their actual inspirations.

Specta – “Disperse”


“This one never leaves the record bag. Hard hitting with a nice twist half way, it always gets a big reaction and ID requests.”

400PPM – “8.069”


“Another mainstay from our sets, been playing this one out since its release. Simple but incredibly effective, works well both as a mix tool and standalone. Rest of the album is fantastic too!”

Leiras – “Levia Ten”


“We’ve been a huge fan of Leiras’ productions since we discovered him a few years ago. This release on Developer’s new OLYMPIAN label is all fire and highly playable; great mix tools.”

Oniks – “Tridacna”


“We’ve played this one a lot! It’s a great tool with a great mood to it. The simplicity of the lead is very effective, particularly in the mix!”

Cirkle – “Immersion”


“This track has a great groove and energy to it. It’s a wicked track for layering as well! Float Records is a great label too.”