Wehbba is one of Brazil’s main electronic music ambassadors worldwide. Born in São Paulo and currently based in Barcelona, Spain, he has been spinning house and techno music records, around the globe for over a decade. His productions have been featured on labels like Tronic, Systematic, Bedrock, Soma, 2020Vision, Knee Deep In Sound, 100% Pure, Audiomatique, Material, Missile, Suara and many others. As his debut EP “Eclipse” on Drumcode is out on the 19th February, we asked the expert to deliver his best locations in Barcelona. 

Whats there to do in the summer when everyone has gone?

Barcelona is an incredibly dynamic city and there’s people coming and going year round, but in the summer I guess it serves as a hub for other beach destinations around, and feels a bit more crowded. There are tons of rooftops around the city to chill in the afternoons, also both hills surrounding the city are nice to hangout, namely Montjuic and Tibidabo, and plenty of parks too, like Ciutadella or Guell. If you are more of a beach person, you can enjoy Bogatell or Mar Bella beaches after having a good brunch around Poblenou or at one of the nice xiringuitos at the beach side, we often go to Escribá, for great paella and nice sweets.

Whats the collectives HQ when it comes to drinks?

We often go to one of my favourite restaurants in town, which is also a great place for having a drink and just for hanging out on pretty much in any occasion, it’s called Lolita, the vibe there is amazing. Can Cisa/Bar Brutal is also great to have really good Catalan wine, and from there just crawl your way to nearby Dr Stravinsky, where they have some of the best drinks in town for a very fair price. And if beer is your thing, it’s hard to beat BierCab, they have a crazy good selection of craft beer, either local or foreign, and the taps change regularly. They have some pretty good bar food to help you survive the drinking spree.

Dr Stravinsky

Where can you find the best records in town?

Even though I still do most of my shopping online – shame on me, I know – Barcelona has some really cool shops. Discos Paradiso is the best place for electronic music, it’s a small shop but very cosy and they have great service, definitely recommended! I also enjoy shopping around at Revolver or a shop very close to my place called 10.000 Records, when I wanna find some jazz stuff or any non-current electronic music material.

What can you do for a first date?

There’s a lot to do in the beautiful city, hell even a walk through El Born is already something. Being married 11 years doesn’t put me in the best position to offer this kind of advice, but although not the first date per se, I do take the Mrs. on the occasional date, which already included a night out for Flamenco at Palau de Musica Catalana followed by dinner at Can Cisa/Bar Brutal and drinks at Dr. Stravinsky, and taking the less than impressive cable car ride up from Barceloneta to Montjuic to watch the sunset and have some nice seafood at Martinez.


Where can you lose your dignity?

Well you shouldn’t, haha. But the place I’ve done it the most was Macarena. Something about that tiny dark red futuristic dungeon brings out the worst/best in us. Had my good share of fun either playing or just clubbing over there, not to be missed if you’re in town mid-week!

A good place for brunch?

Manso’s Cafe, as it’s right next to my place, they serve great egg options and have some amazing pastries, they have a Scandinavian influenced menu and their cinnamon rolls are out of this world, not to mention their coffee…being a proper addict, I like my good share of specialty coffee, and they have a great selection. Soho House is also a great option, especially since you get to enjoy the excellent rooftop views it offers.

The best plan to chill on a Sunday?

What we do is usually have a walk in some of the parks, sometimes even a picnic, we love Montjuic, there are so many nice gardens and different options. In the summer it’s also great to enjoy Brunch In The Park, not exactly chilling but fun nonetheless. And to wrap up a chilled Sunday nothing better than comfort food, so we love to have some great pizza at our favourite veggie place in town, The Green Spot at Barceloneta, or some perfect tapas at Pacomeralgo, but in the summer we also like to enjoy the sunset from the marina, having some great seafood at Restaurante Barceloneta.

Best view of the town?

Tibidabo, by far. It’s the highest hill and has an old amusement park on top of it, just below the Cathedral, and you get some impressive views of the city from either up the Cathedral towers or from the park’s rides, but also worth checking out the Fabra observatory. You can also get great views from Park Güell and Montjuic.

What do you miss the most?

Good Lebanese food, there are some restaurants but having been raised in a family with Lebanese roots back in Brazil have set my standards pretty high, so the quest is endless. That brings me to the actual thing I miss the most, my family, that’s the hardest part of being a touring artist, but Barcelona is such a great place that certainly helps to ease the pain, it’s a joy to simply wake up here every day, and an even greater one to arrive back from a weekend of gigs.

A local product?

Coca, not the one you’re thinking about, though…it’s a typical kind of bread which is best served with the also famous “tumaca”, basically a grated tomato spread with garlic and olive oil. Also Turron de Agramunt , a special kind of sweet made of almonds or hazelnuts, honey, sugar and eggs. Much loved during the holiday season.

Wehbba’s debut EP “Eclipse” on Drumcode is out on the 19th February, and he’ll also be playing at the Drumcode Sonar OFF week event, so make sure you add that to your list of city to-do’s when you stop by in June!