Next chapter on the overview of the best tips and adresses of cities around the world with the Stavroz quartet, who takes us for a stroll in Gent, Belgium. Invited to the IBOAT club (Bordeaux) by the MUZO agency, to which they are now residents: the crew originally went under the spotlight with their first EP « The Ginning », which was infused with ethnic, acoustic and organic sonorities. Gent also being the city where they created their own label MoodFamily. Go !

What’s to do in the summer when everyone’s gone?

There’s all kinds of things going on during summer, the highlight being “De Gentse Feesten“. An annual 10day party inside and outside the city centre with loads of musical and cultural events.

What’s the collective’s HQ when it comes to drinks?

There’s many typical belgian cafés definitely worth visiting. The main place to go drinking is in and around Vlasmarkt. This is also a hotspot for youngsters during the same ‘Gentse Feesten’, where the party tends to keep going until 10 in the morning.

Where can you find the best records in town?

Vinyls and music can be found at Music Mania. You’ll be assisted by the “gerant” who has a wide variety of genres available and an insane music knowledge!

What can you do for a first date?

You might want to go on a first date in the Blaarmeersen, a large park with a lake. It’s the ideal chillout point, bring a picknick basket and you’re all set.

Where can you lose your dignity?

You can go party at Kompass club, one of belgian’s youngest, but also best clubs!

A good spot to go for a sandwich at 5AM?

If you’re looking for a very early (or very late) breakfast, stop by Hoeksken, open 24/7 and lots of choices.

A good address for brunch?

The ‘Cafe Parti‘ serves a very good brunch on sunday, to be found on the square close to the train station.

The best plan to chill on a Sunday?

After brunch you can continue your sunday with some museum, or go discovering the city and its many historical buildings. Or there might even still be a party going on…
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