Lay-Far, Moscow-based DJ and producer, is clearly one of the most in demand Russian producers and DJs at the moment. Internationally recognised as a skillful DJ and selector, he’s efficiently bridging the gaps between the cutting-edge and classic house rhythms, rare disco and boogie, Afro-Latin grooves, bass-heavy cuts, delivering a unique sound through his sets. Also with some successful releases on Local Talk, Atjazz Record Company, G.A.M.M, Rebirth, Tru Thoughts or Soundofspeed, Lay-Far is today one of the actors responsible for the global revival of soulful house and broken beat scenes. Immersion in Moscow with his best plans and nooks to know in the city. 

What’s to do in the summer when everyone’s gone?

Moscow is perfect in Summer– very bright, sunlit, dry and vividly green with the season stretching from May to the end of September. Actually, if you compare Moscow in Summer and Winter – it’s like two different cities.

As buildings get opressively hot under the sun – the best solution to escape the boring heat is to get outside. Luckily there is a great choice of nice shady alleys, public gardens and parks in Moscow. The biggest, most centraly located and probably the most impressive is Gorky Park – Central Park of Culture and Leisure its also called. It looks amazing and has anything for anyone from skate parks to petanque feelds, to a modern art center (Garage), to beach volleyball sites, outdoor cinema and much much more. No doubt there is also a great amount of very decent cafees, bars and restaurants scattered around the territory.

Take a short walk along the Moscow river in the direction of the Cremlin and you find yourself in another beautiful park – Muzeon – an outside museum of sculpture, and a place where some good music festivals /events take place. Really nice place to chill or take a bike / skate ride.

What’s the collective’s HQ when it comes to drinks?

Enthusiast has been the ultimate hangout place for me and my gang since 2013. That’s probably the hippest, the cosiest, the friendliest and most cutting edge place in town. It’s actualy more of a special mixture of people and vibes other than just a place. Enthusiast aesthetics! And here you can have some nice craft beers, listen to music, dance, buy some merch or records and even repair a bike. It’s a small melting pot, where you can meet anyone and can procede from to the next destination on your late night journey.

Where can you find the best records in town?

Sound Barrier – is the biggest and the oldest record shop in Moscow, which hosts more than 100000 records ! YES !

A go to place for world’s renown diggers like Dj Spinna, DJ Muro, Rich Medina, Kon & Amir, DJ Premier, Marcel Vogel, etc. Just ask those who know! Sound Barrier is the music spot where you can spend all your time and money. Records are not cheap there but it’s compensated by the choice….and you have stuff to chose from, especially if you search well.

What can you do for a first date?

«Jean-Jacques» Restaurant – that’s really a no brainer for a casual date, IMHO. «Jean-Jacques» is a small chain of French restaurants with very nice homy vibe to them, serving good vine and traditional French quisine. The fact that you can always meet French expats and tourists there seams to be speaking volumes of the place. There is actually one just up the street from Denis Simachev Bar that I will tell you about next.

Where can you lose your dignity?

Denis Simachev Bar

Just some 150 meters from Enthusiast stands this notorious bar, where I’ve seen friends in physical and emotional states I have never seen them in anywhere else – in a good way, of course! A place with a very decent music policy, pushing all things groovy, versatile and extravagant with some of the recent guest including Dj Harvey, Eddie C, Young Marco, Ashley Beedle, or Inkswel just to name a few.

A good spot to go for a sandwich at 5AM?

What can be better for your stomach than a bowl of a hearty soup, especially if it’s 5-6 in the morning? Soup Cafe is open 24/7 and offers a choice of around 40 soups, which are really really good!

That’s a cult place, known well among several generations of clubgoers, DJ s and promoters as well as international guests, who usually drop by after a good long night. Just ask Atjazz, Mark Pritchard or Steven Spacek.

A good address for brunch?

Being a fan of English culture and quisine there is a spot in Moscow which teleports me to the UK – it’s called Pie Point. That’s a small cafe, serving classic English pies with mushy peas and thick brown gravy. That’s some proper munch!

The best plan to chill on a Sunday?

I really like the river Elbe in Dresden. It’s remarkable in comparison to other cities, that the buildings are not build close to the river, but leaving a large natural environment at the riversides. Really beautiful for a walk or cycling. There is also a big park (Alaunpark) really close to my flat and the Neustadt, where you can relax on Sundays and have some beers.

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