The Reset Robot blueprint is Dave Robertson, Portsmouth based DJ/producer of some repute. Influenced by clubs such as Fabric and Slinky, DJs such as Sasha, Digweed and the Wiggle boys, with time served behind the record store counter, he sculpted his sound meticulously over time, honing it until he was fully ready to deliver a newly crafted sonic signature. Based in Portsmouth, we didn’t hesitate to ask him his best locations while he just released his EP “Held Not” on We Are the Brave.

What’s to do in the summer?

Portsmouth is at its best in the summer in my opinion. We’re a seaside town so we have a huge stoney beach which is fantastic for BBQ’s. We have a large common (English word for a park) which is also a great place to hang out, play games and enjoy the sun.

What’s the main hang out when it comes to getting a good drink?

There are quite a few places. It really depends what you want. We have some fantastic craft beer pubs (Meat & Barrel, The Wave Maiden) but if you want a place to go that doesn’t serve alcohol, has a nice vibe and is open late we have ‘The Garage Lounge’.

Where can you find the best records in town?

There are a few second hand record stores which are always great to go and have dig in but I think the only place buying in new music is ‘Pie & Vinyl’, as the name suggests you can grab a decent pie and shop for some records at the same time.

What can you do for a first date?

Again its comes down to what you like. We have Gunwharf Quays which has all of the usual big restaurant chains, cinema, bowling etc or we have the quiet pubs and restaurants. I would recommend a restaurant and cocktail bar called Sant-Yago.

Where can you lose your dignity?

Gav’s house. If you know, you know.

A good address/spot for brunch?

This place is one of my fav’s and is run by a lovely team of people : South Sea Coffee.

The best plan to chill on a Sunday?

Southsea Coffee would be my pick again or if you want some booze you could head down to Abarbistro which has good food and plenty of decent wines.

Best view of the town?

At the top of Spinnaker Tower or up on Portsdown Hill where you can see the whole of Portsmouth.

Where are the best venues in town?

I don’t often play in Portsmouth but have had some fun gigs here. There’s ‘The Wedgewood Rooms’ which is fantastic for upcoming and tribute bands. There’s nothing really for the techno scene here but these guys are doing events in Portsmouth and across the UK.

A local product?

Some great beer !!!

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EP “Held Note” is out now on We Are The Brave and available on Beatport.