Although he was born in Monaco, Christian Wünsch has spent most of his life in northern Spain where he still resides and produces music. With more than 70 releases on various labels such as Theory, Music Man, IM, Warm Up, PoleGroup, Mechanism Industries, Sheep, Audio Assault…including a variety of remixes and hundreds of licenses, he has become a worldwide reference in his field. As the Zoll Projekt French crew invites him in Paris this week-end, we asked him to deliver his best adresses in Santander. 

What’s to do in the summer when everyone’s gone?

Santander is small but is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, there are lots of things that you can do in the summer but my pick is going to any of the amazing beaches around (Covachos, Liencres…) where you can go surfing, canoeing or just chilling.

What’s the collective’s HQ when it comes to drinks?

There are 2 or 3 collective’s HQ, but the most famous ones I would say are around “Plaza de Cañadio” with many  bars and pubs, and if you are looking for a place a bit more alternative then “Rio de la Pila” is a long street with lots of bars.

Where can you find the best records in town?

Discos Cucos in Santa Lucia 41 street, you can find new and second hand records.

What can you do for a first date?

You can try the brand new “Nomada Pizza” in Calle Francisco de Quevedo, 12 with the best pizzas in town! Then I would go for a walk to “Los jardines de Pereda” a nice spot near the port of Santander where you can also find the “Centro Botin” a great exhibition centre and concerts.

Where can you lose your dignity?

The best place right now I would say is “Roots Santander”, in Calle Gandara 12, some good reggae music!!

A good spot to go for a sandwich at 5AM?

There are a few small places to grab a sandwich around the collective´s HQ, but I´m not sure if I would recommend any of them. 🙂

A good address for brunch?

Santander is a fishing town so fish food is big, and some of my favourite places for brunch or even lunch are, “Casa Silvio” in Calle Tetuán, 23, or “La Bombi” in Calle de Casimiro Sáinz 15.

The best plan to chill on a Sunday?

Near the “Parque Natural de las Dunas de Liencres” there is a Bar with a nice garden called “La Huerta” which is my favourite spot in Santander to have a beer or a natural sider in a friendly atmosphere.

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