Trouw is back ! At least the concept; under the name De School. This time, the team behind the very respected club is giving life to an abandoned technical school. That is how they are springing from the earth; a club and a restaurant, as well as a café, a concert hall, an exhibition space and two authentic gymnasiums. At the heart of De School there is a unique green courtyard that is always open to visitors. Lekker !

Kyara van Loenen is the executive creative director, the head of Malawi, Luc Mastenbroek is in charge of artistic direction; Ernst Mertens and Jochem Doornbuschowners have the director’s role and all this is mentored by Olaf Boswijk, the mastermind behind Trouw. De School is about to open it’s doors for the first time one year to the day after Trouw shut. Party-goers have wiped their tears away, because on the 3rd of January, the new school year is in full swing!


Just a step away from Rembrandt Park, located in the West side, for a period of five years the club will be hosting proper Amsterdam parties. As a first step, De School has decided to cast local DJs – Job Jobse is the first resident, letting the DJ “decide themselves who they want to play with, so there’s always a connection between the DJs playing.” International DJs are to be hosted by De School residents, in order to keep the scene open to new talents.

“We’re striving for a culture where people can come for 24 hours to dance, eat good food in our restaurant, chill out in the garden and see cool exhibitions, but we’ll have to build that up first.”                      Luc Mastenbroek, De School’s artistic director.

De School should rapidly make itself a name on the European scene. The place is promoting a non-hierarchal relationship between the crowd and the DJ, as Trouw used to. Yet De School is no Trouw, as the complex will now also be hosting concerts and art exhibitions from Subbacultcha! community, whilst offering access to two authentic gymnasiums in a one time-space. Yes, De School will be able to run on a 24/7 basis!