There are two reasons why I’ve decided to spend my Christmas break in Barcelona:

1. Because my mum is living there so I don’t have other options to get Xmas gifts

2. To finally get the chance to visit the so-called Discos Paradiso.

Hidden in the cobbled streets of El Raval, it’s not hard to see why this haven of nu-disco, funk, italo, Catalan folk music etc. is the sanctuary for many crate-diggers, both local and visiting.  Probably the fact that the staff answer the phone with “Hola, Paradiso” gives us reason to believe that there is indeed a music heaven on Earth…

Here is the top 3 records that I’ve found on my way:

1- Kink – Valentine’s Groove [Clone Royal Oak 032]

2. Albert One – Secrets from the Holiday Mix compilation [Blanco y Negro]

3. Ric Fellini – Souvenir d’ Amour [Max Music Productions]

Want to go for a dig session? Here is all you need to know…