The new Mall Grab is made in Australia, they say. This London based kid has been literally banging the online electronic music community since he started dropping dope-deep-house tracks on the Internet last year. From pixels to vinyl plastic reality, he just released his first prod on E-beamz, a DJ Haus sub label. Following, will be the first interview of a young artist that we recommend keeping a close eye on…Did someone say Boring? 

Hello DJ Boring, welcome to Hard Life!

G’day mate! Haha thanks for having me!

This is your first interview. How do you feel about that?

It’s pretty intimidating to be honest! I’ve never really had an interview before in my life, well expect for when I went for jobs and stuff! But you get what I mean!

Why this name? Is there a story behind this sarcastic alias? I’m sure you have a funny story to share about it. 

Well it comes from a funny chat between this girl I used to work with and she mentioned that my name in Swedish means boring! So I thought that’s actually pretty hilarious, so I went and made my DJ name DJ BORING. It was just for fun until all of a sudden shot out and it’s made quite an impact the name!

Well, you come out of the blue and you upload some groovy lo-fi tracks. Some people may think you’re a famous producer who’s launching his new alias. Who are you?

I’m actually not a famous person at all! I’m just your average Australian! My name’s Tristan and I’m currently living in London! I spend most of my time working or producing music. I do love a good dig for records but it’s a very expensive hobby and hard when living in London.

Indeed, on your Soundcloud profile, it is said that you’re a record collector. If you could pick only one record, which one would it be? Why?

This is a tough questions! I had to have a very very hard think. It would probably be either Florian Kupfer – Sad Edit A1 (as you can play this track at any hour and it’s perfect, specially 6am haha) or Soft Cell – Tainted Love which was giving to me recently from my grandma!

You’ve uploaded four tracks so far. These tracks have been played more than 25 000 times (total). Some people ask you for a 12’’. Does this belong to your projects?

Yes, there is a 12″ coming out on November 28!

Great news! Can you tell us more about the record and the label you chose?

Actually, I got hit up from E-Beamz, a DJ Haus sub label. This features Winona on the A side and a banging break-house track from the dude Miagma on the other side! I’m pretty excited for this to hit the shelves!

Our moto is “life is hard, we make it sweet”. What exactly makes life sweeter for you?

What makes life sweeter for me? Making music and spending time with my girlfriend! Two extremely important things in my life that make things sweeter! I do also enjoy spending time drinking good coffee! Got to love a good espresso.