Marc Houle has been wowing techno-lovers for over a decade by creating seminal records that not only helped define the minimal sound of the mid-’00s but went on to transcend it with releases on labels like Minus and Items & Things. We asked him to empty his bag full of machines and useful tips for travelling. 


1 • Rimowa Pilotcase

“Pretty much a staple for any DJ or producer these days.  This baby’s been through fields, over hills, in snow and mud.  Makes a great seat too.”



2 • Launchpad Novation XL

“I used to use a custom livid controller but the problem with anything custom is when it breaks, you’re kinda screwed.  This is small and light and can easily be replaced on the road when it breaks.”


3 • Roland TR-8

“The current drum machine I bring with me. It’s light and sounds great! Originally black and green?? My brother made a custom C=64 template to throw over it and made it way nicer. (thanks Dave)”


4 • Item & Things stickers

“Great to have on hand to give out to friends.”


5 • Power Cube adapter

“This compact power strip is a life saver.  Wherever I go, I just plug in a standard AWG cable and all my devices are good to go.”


6 • Novation Audiohub

“In my ongoing quest to have a compact setup that I can carry on the plane, this soundcard sounds great and has a built in USB hub to connect to my other gear on stage.”

7 • Rayban Sunglasses

“Essential for first light after exiting a dark club and for hiding my dark circles on the plane.”


8 • Fiio X1

“Hi-res flac, mp3, wav player with a very good DAC built in.  Way better sound for listening to music than my phone.”


9 • TC Helicon Voicelive Touch2

“Great effects processor to make my voice sound cool on stage.”


10 • Micro TC MP-75

“It works great with the voicelive effects, letting me have a gate right on the mic to cut out background noise and avoid feedback.”


11 • Macbook Pro

“The touchbar is the only thing on it that doesn’t have fingerprints 🙂 With all the vibrations going on when I’m playing, you need a solid computer that won’t flake out.”

Marc Houle : Facebook / Soundcloud / RA

Marc’s next release is his first remix pack from his album “Sinister Mind”. Out on Items & Things on the 3rd November, Wehbba takes the lead with the first remix of “Loafers”.