2016 was a breakthrough year for OC & Verde. The duo released their first track ‘Symphony’ early in the year on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound. Tracks supported by the likes of Tale Of Us, Solomon and John Digweed and got them their first play on BBC Radio 1 from Pete Tong. 2017 has started with Pete Tong naming the duo as “One’s To Watch”, and then inviting them onto the show to feature a guest mix. This has led to a string of DJ appearances at discerning venues the length and breath of the UK club scene. WXe asked them to empty their bag before their forthcoming EP “Flauta” on W&O Street Tracks. 

1 • Pioneer Toraiz SP-16

We’ve only recently picked this up and are still getting to grips with it really but its been coming to every gig. Its an amazing bit go kit that allows us to completely break up our own tracks and play them live in a unique way that fits with what ever venue we’re playing in to suit that crowd, some of our tacks are quite heavy which don’t suit smaller venues so with this we can re edit them live and play the tracks deeper with less pace. Then with some of our deeper tracks that don’t suit big venues we can play them on this with a harder kick and bass etc to work in a big venue. Also this kit keeps everything in sync with the CDJ’s to allow us to DJ at the same, its an amazing bit of gear.

2 • Pioneer RMX 1000

The RMX 1000 comes with us everywhere, the amount of times we’ve put it on our technical rider and its not been in the booth when we have got to the club is supper annoying so we now take it with us. Its a great effects unit and mini sampler it, you can do some really simple things on this that have very dramatic effects on records. Its a must have in our DJ booths.

3 • Traktor X1 Kontrol

We play off 2 CDJ decks and 2 Traktor decks for effects so this controls some of the Traktor stuff.

4 • iPad

Again for more effects we run an app called Touch OSC on the iPad that operates some of the effects through Tractor, we could do these effects through the controller but through the iPad its wireless so we can hold the iPad up to the crowd and show off a bit and put more of a show on so the can see what we’re doing.

5 • SanDisk Extreme USB 64GB

Best USB’s on the market that we have come across, pretty much have our whole music collection on here and these ones work super fast with Rekord Box for getting everything on the CDJ’s. Also if we’re in a small DJ booth we can leave everything in the bag and just play off one of these.

6 • Macbook Pro

Can’t leave anywhere without this, it’s a mobile office, back up music collection and runs Traktor.

7 • Tascam DR-40

We like to record our sets where possible and listen back to see what worked and what didn’t work so we can make improvements, mainly for what we do on the Toraiz SP-16, also if were doing guest mixes or podcasts its nice to have a fe live mixes to choose from, they sound more raw and exciting than studio mixes.

8 • Verde’s Grandads Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

Always need to open beers when we’re traveling so Jon’s Grandad gave us his bottle opener off his Fridge.

Vera Wang Aftershave & Chewing gum

Got to smell fresh on tour, specially after a long journey.

9 • Cigarette Ligher and Vape Pen

The cure and the cause.. Trying to ween ourselves of cigarets with the vape pen but the ligher is still there for emergencies.

10 • ACS Custom Ear Plug Key Rings

Can’t leave the house without these, got to look after your hearing, even put these in if where just having a drink in a loud bar, OC has really bad Tinnitus already so these are a must!

11 • Mark Jacobs & Prada Sunglasses 

After party essentials. The eyes are always a big give away, not really that keen on the Prada ones, genuinely bought those because of how big they are, you can hide your whole face behind those, they are more like a crash helmet than sunglasses, definitely bought for purpose not style. Great the morning after a heavy one.

12 • Pioneer DJ Headphones HDJ 1500 

Nothing to fancy about these but the sound is great and the grip the head well when DJing

Sennheiser HD 25 Headphones

Great sound quality and grip the head well, OC likes the pioneer ones better because they cover your full ear but I prefer these for the feels.

Headphone splitter

As we don’t play back to back we play together as one, we both need to be listening through separate headphones at the same time so this does the trick.

13 • iPhone charger, USB cables, Ethernet Cables, Jack Cables

Everything we need to get all our effects units working and keep everything charged and ready to go… Every one of these cables is lost at least once a month, repeat Amazon orders are essential with these.

14 • Allsaints Rucksack

Our trusted steed… on our 3rd one of these, keeps ripping but it looks good.
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Forthcoming EP “Flauta” on W&O Street Tracks. Due date October 20th 2017.
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