Empty Your Bag • Secret Cinema

A key figure on the Dutch scene since 1991. An international headlining artist known for his sets in Berghain, Space Ibiza, Womb Tokio, Watergate, his frequent Elrow gigs or headlining every major festival in the Netherlands. Gem Records label boss responsible for moving the careers of Egbert, Enrico Sangiuliano and Reinier Zonneveld forward. Steady producer of countless essential techno classics for over 25 years. One of the most original and down to earth pioneers of electronic music on the planet. All legitimate ways to describe Jeroen Verheij a.k.a. Secret Cinema.


1 • Swiss hand luggage

Using this until I replace or repair my broken Rimowa flight case.

2 • Native Intruments F1

Step sequencer for live drums, loops and stems. Essential kit for creative DJ’s!

3• Maschine Jam

I only use this for my hybrid sets with Egbert, Reinier Zonneveld or other Gem Records buddies when we do our all night b2b(2b) Gem Sessions. The heart of my live set.

4 • Native Instruments X1

I use this for browse and effect control. Deck control and soundcard come courtesy of Pioneer with the CDJ and DJM NXS.

5 • USB cable’s

Every possible type of jack plug, Sennheiser HD 25’s, UDG pouch to carry it all.

6• Swimming trunks

You never know when things will get wet!

7 • Passport and…

Pen for annoying visa stuff. Bose noise cancelling headphones, eye mask, earplugs, airplane entertainment system jack converter. All to sooth the pain that is flying.

8 • Chameleon Recordings medallion

My Australian friends gave me this rare Chameleon Recordings medallion. I never travel without it.

9 • Macbook

All the other gear would be useless without it.

10 • Pads

Pads to save the Macbook from vibrations.

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