Empty Your Bag • Stephan Hinz

A talented live artist, Hinz is a master at the controls and an orchestral raconteur of the highest caliber, and his skill both in the studio and on the dancefloor have catapulted him from DJ’s favourite to the discerning clubber’s choice. As his last EP “Juncture” has just been released on Second State label, we asked him to empty his tour bag.

1 • Backpack

All my personal things are in my backpack; spare clothes, wash bag, laptop, headphones. All the essential things I need to fill time when flying.


2 • Maschine (Native Instruments)

The drums of my live set.


3 • F1 (Native Instruments)

I use this for launching one shots and clip chains with the pads, controlling delay and reverb with the faders for fx returns and potis for fx parameters.


4 • Midi Twister (DJ Tech Tools)

More controlling of synth parameters, filters, side chaining, the two loopers I’m using. This thing does so much!


5 • Stick-Bag (Riverside Studios)

There are two usb sticks (san disk something) in this little bag with an awfully old backup recording of my live set in case something goes wrong with the real one. Never needed it so far, but it’s always good to be well-prepared. There are also some „rekordboxed“ tracks on it in case my trolley goes missing, then I have enough music for a spontaneous dj set with me…sometimes the airplanes are so small that I must check in my trolley.


6 • In Ears (Shure)

In general I try to just play with the monitor speakers, in case they suck I can switch over to in ear monitoring. Don’t need it very often. Why I don’t need headphones for playing? Because I’m playing live with just my music and everything is that well prepared that there’s no reason to pre-listen to songs. I know the intensity of tracks, the keys of the tracks, etc. It might look easy on stage but before I played my first live set I was practicing for 6 weeks, 8 hours a day…it’s like being in a band and learning all the songs you play. I do the same with every new track that becomes a part of my live set.


7 • Trolley (Rimowa)

THE travelling-dj-cliché 😀 But it’s super-solid, there’s enough space for my whole live set in it, the airline staff are familiar with this piece of cabin luggage now and they dont ask you to weight it, Which is a big big advantage because I’m always over the weight limit…always!!


8 • Bag with cables

All the cables I need.


9 • Powerbank

Because you never know when you’ll come across the next power outlet.


10 • Customised ear plugs (Bachmaier)

I always use them on stage (also when I’m partying in the crowd). There’s no way to heal damaged ears, so it’sbetter be careful.


11 • USB Hub (D-Link)

Connects everything with everything. The only direct connection is from the Macbook to the DJM900NXS2 which I use as an audio interface. It sounds good, I don’t need to travel with my own interface and it makes everything way easier to set up because I don’t have to fiddle around with cables and the mixer while somebody else is playing.

12 • APC40mk2 (Akai)

Launching both audio and midi clips in Ableton, controlling the volumes, the send effects, the master bus, the sends for the loopers, switching between soft synths and so much more…


13 • Axiom Air32 (M-Audio)

For the times I play in Berlin. Actually the promoter is entitled to take care of a decent master keyboard I need for playing and everywhere in the world this works…literally everywhere, even in the middle of nowhere in Kosovo. But here in Berlin, with the exception of the Watergate crew, everybody else seems overly challenged with organising a usb keyboard.


14 • Bathers

Most of the time I wish I had them with me because I often forget them, and leave them at home, not realising that I am staying somewere near the ocean. But, thats one of the big advances of traveling a lot; seeing the sea more often.


15 • MacBook Pro (Apple)

The heart of my live act…I run Ableton Live on it which contains all the elements of my tracks. Audio clips, midi clips…actually reductions, key elements of my productions. It also hosts a changing set of software synths I use for playing. Everything ends up on 8 busses I control from the APC40.


16 • Travel amenities…

Kindle (I love reading), noise cancelling headphones from Bose (makes travelling so much more comfortable because you don’t have to crank up the volume of your music/movies/tv series too much and you’re way more relaxed when the noise of the airplane isn’t that loud). Passport of course, sunglasses, sleeping mask (it’s not the stars of a hotel that rates the quality, it’s the condition of their curtains) and nuts. I stopped eating airline food, same goes for junk food on the road…always good to have some nuts with you.

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Listen : Juncture EP on Second State

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