Spearhead of Watergate label, Berlin’s most renowned electronic music institutions, Adana Twins is the renowned duo formed by Take It Easy (Benjamin) and Friso. Since their two well-known tracks “Strange” and “Everyday” in 2012, every EP and tour date became a real rendezvous for every true fan of electronic music. Here’s their bag in exclusivity before their set at Faust club in Paris

1 • Headphones

After many years with the Sennheiser HD-25, I switched to the Phonon 4000. They are way more comfortable and sound better. For me they are the perfect solution for djing and producing on the road.

2 • TAU Pusher Bag Prototype

This is the prototype of our TAU Pusher Bag. TAU is a new label Friso and I are launching very soon. On the bag you can see the first draft of the logo and the bag is perfect to carry the Strymon Reverb, cables and headphones for when we drive to the location

3 • Strymon Blu Sky Reverb

We DJ with the Allen & Heath Xone 92 which has no effects on board. So we bring our own analog Reverb that we connect via the send and return channels. It’s fun!

4 • Keinemusik Core Cable

Of course you need cables for the FX. And Rampa from Keinemusik made the perfect ones.

5 • Hard Disk

Always with me: The hard disk with all my music.

6 • A good pair of Sneakers

I am sneaker addict and always need a good pair of kicks with me. In this photo you can see the Yeezy 500 from Adidas. Some people hate them. Some love them.

7 • Passport

Maybe the most essential thing while we are traveling.

8 • Polaroid Cam

When we are on tour, we always have this cam with us. It captures the bests moments in the most special way.

9 • Mac Book Pro

We work and dig a lot when we are on the road. So no question that we always have a Mac Book with us.

10 • International Power Plug

Without one life can be very horrible on the road 😉 All these nice gadgets and nothing works without the right power plug. Especially when the hotel doesn’t have a spare one.

11 • USB Sticks

I think this one goes without words.

12 • Comme des Garçons Bag

With this little bag I’ve found the perfect solution to carry my USB sticks on me all the time.

13 • Google Pixel 2XL

For me the best phone at the moment and always with me. On this pic you can just see the case as I had to take the picture with the phone!

14 • Sponge Bag

What should I say… we all need it sometimes. Besides the essentials I always have a Comme des Garçons cologne with me. This time ‘Amazing Green’ which was a present from my girlfriend.

15 • Anker Charger

For me the best phone charger available.

16 • TAU Dad Cap

Representing our label TAU in style with our selfmade Dad Cap.

17 • A good book

Traveling can be boring and sometimes it’s good to forget everything around you. No music. Nothing. Just a good book. Here in the picture you can see ‘Der Goldene Handschuh’ from Heinz Strunk.

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4th of May, Paris Faust : Adana Twins, Kelly May, Creange