Empty Your Bag • Alex Mine

“One of the most consistent artist that I came across” (Dubfire, 2014). Not many new producers can immediately catch the attention of the biggest techno stars. Alex is a clear example that talent and youth can go hand in hand. He emerged from Italy’s underground clubbing scene to become one of the hottest artists in the techno scene. Rapidly made his music a reference point for djs and clubbers from around the world, teaming up with his partners Alex Costa and D-Deck to create Comade Music, he is releasing out numerous quality hits which have received a lot of international techno djs support.

1 • Computer


I need it to play out on of course, but I also need it to watch films during traveling.

2 • Controller + Soundcard + Headphones


My set of tools, if I forget them at home… I’m lost.

3 • Chocolate bars


Just in case I’d need some extra-sugar in addition to the in-flight snack.

4 • Sunglasses


They can be useful when the sun is up, but also for sleeping during day flights.

5 • iPad


My jolly. Battery source, film library, and virtual drum machine during my sets.

6 • AppleWatch


Sound library controllers and boarding pass always ready, love it.

7 • Earplugs


Always with me since I started playing in clubs. And very useful if you wanna sleep on flight.

8 • Flight pillow


I don’t think I have to explain why I need this, lol

9 • Pills


A little help if I have to travel far away and take cars, busses, flights, trains in the same trip.
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