Empty Your Bag • Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha isn’t like the others. Wearing his Joker mask and delivering a powerful and personal music, he founded his own genre in 2012, “high tech minimal”, the combination of minimal and electro. A pumping bass foundation, driving percussion elements, crazy sound effects, melodies and unexpected turns in the arrangement… An open door to the creation of his own label in 2015, “Fckng Serious”, which spreads the idea of good music and serious parties around the globe. Boris Brejcha has emptied his bag until arrival to french festival Solidays this week-end.

1 · Travel Bag (Rimowa)

Best travel bag you can get. Pretty tough. In this bag I carry all my clothes and my Joker Mask. This is the bag for clubs. Nothing really can damage it.

2 · Travel Bag (Porsche Design)

My lovely Bag in which fits mostly all of my stuff you see on this picture. Beside the Mask and my clothes.

3 · Joker Mask

This is me! Boris Brejcha known as the Joker. This is my kind of ID when I play as a DJ. I use this Mask since the beginning of my career. Together with my music it gives every show a special feeling.

4 · Sunglasses (Polo Ralph Lauren)

My glasses are always needed. Because I am a little Vampire and any daylight hurts!

5 · Sponge Bag (Samsonite)

Just a few things to survive. Like a Toothbrush, toothpaste, Hand & Facial cream and deodorant spray.

6 · Fleece Vest

As in most of the airplanes it is freezing cold, it is always good to have something comfortable and relaxing to wear.

7 · DJ Headphones (Pioneer HDJ-2000 MK2)

For me this are the most comfortable DJ Headphones you can get. Fully ear covered. And of course with a really good sound. Too bad they already broke twice.

8 · USB Pen Drives (Transcend)

These are my sanctuaries! Good Luck I don’t play with Vinyl!

9 · Power Adapter

There are only a few countries left where you need one. For example England, Israel or United States. In all other countries I can mostly plugin my European Adapter.

10 · EarPlugs (Senner)

The most important thing you can have as a musician. To be on the secure side for your ears.

11 · GoPro

This is at least the best & smallest camera you can travel with. Just love to get some really nice pictures.

12 · USB Charger (imuto)

Really important for long travels because my iPhone is running all the time and the battery is too weak. After 5 hours working on my Phone the battery is already empty.

13 · Nintendo Switch

My lovely toy to kill time. For example if you need to wait for a long time in the airport. Currently I am playing Zelda & Mario Kart 8.

14 · Purse (Porsche Design)

Always in my pocket. With all the important things inside… bank cards, credit cards and more.

15 · MacBook Pro (Apple)

As I am managing my own Label „Fckng Serious“, or sometimes cutting my own videos, there is always a lot of work to do.

16 · Aspirin Complex

My safety Angel after too heavy party nights…

17 · Condom

Well… you never know what happens on the weekends.

18 · Passport, Pen & Lighter

Actually I have two passports for traveling. Because we need always one for doing Visas. My Pen is in use to fill out immigration forms only and the lighter is for emergency. Because I always loose my Original lighter somewhere.

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