Empty Your Bag • Detroit Swindle

Formed in 2011 by Lars Dales and Maarten Smeets, Detroit Swindle is a talented duo who has been active in Amsterdam’s local scene individually before their collaboration and mutual love for Motown, hip-hop and early house music. With releases on renowned labels like Dirt Crew, Tsuba or Freerange, Detroit Swindle has definitely put its imprint on the house scene throughout the world by creating their own vinyl and digital label Heist Recordings. We had the chance to ask them to empty their bag. 

1 • Socks

Probably the single most important thing a DJ needs when travelling the world. An extra pair of socks. Can make you feel like you’ve slept for a few hours, and makes it easier to fool yourself that you’ve just had a shower.

2 • Power plug

Charging is everything. That makes the converter one of the most important gadgets to take along when touring. Also really easy to lose, forget, break etc.. This one has been working for a while now, thank god.

3 • DS stickers

Found these “Keep on Swindling” stickers in my old record bag. Good to increase fanboy / fangirl levels or as random decoration on really clean interiors.

4 • Piece of lego

My 2 yr old had to bring his lego plane to his sisters dance class. This fell off, I held on to it for him and then still had it with me when I left for my weekend of shows.

5 • Rodec vinyl cleaner

Good to make those ultra dusty records playable again.

6 • Rose pin

Got this pin from Lars and his girlfriend, and its a talisman for me and my wife, whenever we’re apart (her name is Rose).

7 • Book

I’ve probably read The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy too many times, considering I know pretty much all the jokes by heart, but it’s still fun to read. Also easy to take along, since all the separate books come in pocket form as well.

8 • Kitkat Bar

Sugar. Chocolate. for those moments when the DJ needs to be fed.

9 • Hay fever eyedrops.

I’ve got a really bad case of hay fever. These drops keep me alive and sane during may and june. If I forget these, I’m a full-on zombie. albeit one that sneezes about a million times a day.

10 • Family Polaroids

When I first started touring and found out I really missed my family, I started taking along photos and hiding them in the sleeves of my records. Whenever i’d take that record out and see the picture, i’d get this warm fuzzy feeling of belonging somewhere.

11 • Magma bag of spare needles

Never trust the in-house needles. Always bring your own. and a spare. This bag seems to hold quite well, and has a nifty little pocket on the inside for screwdriver, spare parts, etc.

12 • Sky Team Platinum card

Because platinum matters.

13 • Vinyl brush and cloth

See Vinyl cleaner

14 • Condesa Lucia analog Rotary mixer

Our baby. We got her a year ago and have traveled everywhere with her since. A lovely mixer with great sound, and it’s just lovely to play with. Makes DJ-ing even more fun than it already is.
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