EMPTY YOUR BAG (and fill a new one) • DJ PIERRE

DJ Pierre, pioneer of Acid House,  just switched from one travel bag to another, he allowed us to look into it before his next gig. He will play at Eastern Electrics on Saturday 5th August, you should be there ! 


Afro Acid MacBook



Hard Drives

I carry about 5 hard drives.  Just in case. My Mac has a built in back up hard drives.  2 hard drives really but I still carry my back up to my back up.



Watches & Glasses

My Watches. Gotta switch up the colors so I like G-Shock watches, the oversized version.  I think they represent my style well. Not too fussy but they do grab attention. I’ve always rocked sunglasses.  Not just the normal ones either.  The thing you will always notice with me is that I will always have glasses and watches. Must have.



IPad for the plane and hotels.  I read or I watch movies or you tube topics having nothing to do with music.  I’m very interested in the bigger picture and the real story behind what we see in the world. So in my free time I do some digging.  I also try to feed my spirit. I read sources that have a spiritual base.


My headphones

I use VModas now. They made a custom for me. Shout out to them and Roland Corp for hooking that up.  I have a little carrying case that I store in my bag but when I get to the club, that’s all I need.  Just this carrying case – It’s my Afro Acid mini case.  In the case I have my flash drives that I use currently.  I have a mini flashlight as well.


Extra Wires & Skittles

You know how it goes. Skittles! I’m big on candy. Trying to keep it to just 1 pack and only when needed.



Portable chargers & Advil




I leave it in my bag, which is an extension of me.


Picture of Spank

My partner in Phuture who passed away last year.



Immodium & Glue & Razor

Imodium is a must. Crazy glue…you just never know!

Razor as a back up to my electric one in my check in bag.


Delta Medallion

Delta Medallion credentials… comes in handy. Trust me.


Extra usbs


My midi controllers

I choose the QuNexus (Keith McMillen, I think) because they are thin and portable. I use them to create on the road.

Outside of my check in bag I carry a spare toothbrush and deodorant.  DJ Pierre swag – 🙂 . A Nexus Phone. I use an IPhone but this is my backup.  Its not looking too hot because some chocolate or candy melted on it… which is why I definitely need to transfer over to this new bag. I go through bags like 3 or 4 a year. So it’s time.

Got my Afro Acid Jack Pack. I’m really serious about this because I believe a DJ’s bag is everything. It’s our lifeline on the road, So I was excited to hear you guys wanted to know what’s in my bag.


You guys are right on time. Keep an eye for the AA Jack Pack!


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