Empty Your Bag • Enrico Sangiuliano

Italian-based DJ and producer Enrico Sangiuliano desired to create noises and sounds from everyday objects since he was a child, using all sort of objects which delivered something new and interesting. Since 2009, his productions have been signed to a wide variety of world leading labels including Truesoul, Herzblut, Gem Records, Octopus Recordings and Rhythm Converted. A release on Drumcode seemed a natural progression for Enrico and this came in the form of “Trrbulence” in 2015, followed by “Start Of Madness” in 2016 which lead to his record breaking EP “Moon Rocks” where all 4 tracks featured in Beatports Techno Top10. His remix of Moby’s classic “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad” was released back in November 2016 and since then he dropped the massive EP “Astral Projection”, both tracks topped the No.1 techno spot, where “Blooming Era” still remains.
Catch his latest debut collaboration “Preset Heaven” with Adam Beyer on the Drumcode A-Sides Vol.6 compilation which was released on the 28th August. We asked him to empty his bag while he’s on tour in every corner of the globe.

Headphones (Sennheiser HD25)

These are the model which I prefer to use at the moment. They have good isolation, sound pressure and quality compared to most other brands on the market.

Sandisk USB sticks (In a Mayan wallet) 

My whole library of music can stay with me at all times in my pockets thanks to USB technology! The red Mayan wallet which I got on a recent trip to Mexico adds a bit of charm and keeps them all neatly together.

3 D+ and G-Force ’77 cables by NEO

Great cables I always use to connect the decks and the FX! They are so durable and come in cool colours.

Peri Neri Necklace 

I have a new different necklaces which you see me wearing at gigs. This is one of them and they are kind of part of me. I like the style and how they are slightly primitive, as if they were votive elements that recall a certain ritual – something which resonates to the dancefloor through music.

Boss RV-6 and DD-7 guitar pedals

These two pedals are essential ingredients in my sets, just a simple reverb and delay. They can add a smooth color on a sound or build a drop from nothing. In the end we all know “less is more” he he 😉

Zoom H4N Pro recorder

I really like to record some of my special sets, and with this thing I’m also able to also record the crowd if I want to and relive the vibes! Those few times when I didn’t use it, and it was a great gig, I regret it! So always bring it just in case.

MacBook Pro 15’

My portable studio and music library manager, and those new USB-C ports are incredibly powerful. A great machine – for literally everything in my life.

Earproof custom plugs

It’s so important to protect our ears, so that we can all continue to listen and enjoy beautiful music. So if you are someone who goes to a lot of venues, or is a DJ, then you really should get a pair of these and invest. You only get one set of ears.

Enrico Sangiuliano : Official website / Facebook / Soundcloud / RA