Empty Your Bag • Fort Romeau

Michael Greene aka Fort Romeau has been busy since his 2012 debut “Kingdoms”, releasing EPs on labels such as Running Back and Live At Robert Johnson as well as having tracks featured on compilations from Rush Hour and Mule Musiq. An eclectic mixture of house, kraut, ambient and techno, showing a further development of his unique take on dance floor music.

1. Backpack

I like to travel as light as easibly possible, so if I can get all my stuff in one small backpack then I do! Unless I’m playing vinyl then I take this bag plus a massive heavy hernia inducing case too.

2. Passport

You won’t get far without this badboy. I’ve lost to so far.

3. Sunglasses

For protecting your eyes from UV radiation and looking fashionable.

4. Bose noise canceling in ears

The smaller version of the classic over ear noise canceling headphones you always see. A lifesaver in the airport and on long flights, and super small and easy to travel with.

5. DJ Stuff

Senhiesser DJ headphones and a few USB sticks in a little pouch I got from Tokyu Hands in Tokyo, a department store of epic proportions! I always keep loads of USB sticks on me as I’m constantly loosing them. I also keep a SD card in my wallet just in case!

6. Camp Collar Shirt

I have been wearing these constantly since the sun started shining, the perfect item for summer festivals! The jazzier the print the better.

7. Iphone

For making and receiving telephone calls in lieu of carrier pigeon or telegram.

8. Harpers Magazine

The excelent and long standing US current affairs magazine. Definitely not to be confused with Harpers Bazaar.

9. Audio Technica Disc Stabilisers

Record weights which sit atop the vinyl when playing. They slightly improve the bottom end and help with warped discs and reducing feedback (slightly).

10. Ortofon Needles

Always carry your own needles! I’ve arrived at clubs with 2 X technics decks and no needles or carts, and often if they have them they are so worn as to be unusable.

11. Ilford disposable camera

I like to try and take photos on tour and sometimes an iPhone just doesn’t really cut it. These black and white disposables produce quite unpredictable results but are small and light and it doesn’t matter too much if you loose them.

12. Toiletries

Tiny bottles of things to put on your body that make you smell slightly more acceptable. Mostly stolen from fancy hotels.

13. A pen

You always need a pen.
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