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After receiving widespread recognition for books like “How Does He Do It?” and “Glorious Misunderstandings,” Maurits Verwoerd decided to start a career as a music producer. Coming out occasionally, but only at night, slowly made him well known among friends and enemies as Nachtbraker (Dutch for night hawk). The signs of exposure to a wide range of genres are clearly hearable in his music, ranging from ecstatic slow grooves to unconventional dub tracks, while critics often praise him for adopting a wide pallet of sounds and subtle, detailed percussion. We asked him to open his bag at the occasion of his new release EP, “Misses madame mademoiselle” on Heist Recordings. Find the links at the end of article. 
“I always carry a backpack with my clothes stuff to survive the weekend, and a Rimowa pilot case packed to the max with records. The stuff below, you’ll find in my backpack. “

1 • Record Brush

2 • Turntable weights

Bought these only a couple of months ago and I’m loving them. Vinyl being able to play some of those warped vinyls and it does make a difference in sound on the club sound systems.

3 • Piece of cloth

I always have this in the back pocket to clean my dusty vinyls, I tend to either forget or lose number one (the record brush) a lot.

4 • Socks and boxers

Wearing fresh pairs every day, pinky promise.

5 • Ortofon Concorde Night Club needles set

Always bring my own needles, most venues have proper needles nowadays.. but you never know. This way I’m always certain that if stuff doesn’t work, its not the needles.

6 • Hard drive

This is where I store all my music.. literally all my digital music is on there. This way I can play whatever I want whenever I want. Don’t worry, I back up every week. Speaking of which…

7 • Olympus LS-14 field recorder

I use this to record my sets but also I try to record sounds I like when traveling to later use in the studio for making music.

8. Dead kitten

That’s correct, that little black hairy thing is what they call a dead kitten. The bigger one you sometimes see when there’s a filmcrew with a big microphone hanging over it, is called a dead cat. I didn’t know this name when I bought one, so Imagine my face when the salesman said: “aah you’re looking for a dead kitten”. Anyways, its to put over the top of the field recorder where the mic is, this stops the wind from intervening with your recording.

9 • Sennheiser HD 25-C II

Hands down, my all time favourite dj headphones. Bought this one about 6 years ago, and its still doing its job properly.

10 • Flying Blue card

Happy I reached that Gold status. Get free drinks and food, board first. luv being the vip. No but seriously, when touring its really nice to be able to relax in the lounge if you didn’t sleep the night before.

11 • Passport

Mi passaporte.. couldn’t travel without it…

12 • Quartet Series stickers

I love to sticker stuff. Walls, traffic signs, yourself, myself. etc.

13 • Toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant

And many other toilet articles I use to make myself pretty before I go on stage.

14 • Chargers

You can never be charged enough. I keep on charging.

15 • Laptop

And also my current girlfriend. We do everything together. Maybe I should credit her in my tracks too.

16 • (not on this pic, but very important) Earplugs

I dj and party with custom made earplugs. I totally forgot to put them in this picture but I always carry them around. Since I have tinnitus for 5 years now I can only recommend everybody who goes out regularly or is in the business professionally to please wear them.

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Misses mademoiselle EP on Heist Recordings :

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