Terraform (ˈtɛrəˌfɔːm) :  is the hypotetical process of deliberately modifying  the atmosphere, temperature, surface or ecology in a planet in order to make it similar to the environment of Earth and habitable by Earth-like life.

This definition deeply encloses the values that this festival wants to transmit to its participants.

The festival just reached its third edition and should be the year of the definitive consecration; after the huge success in 2014, last year was strongly influenced by the bad weather.

The concept of the festival is as simple as revolutionary: create a complete sustainable environment (most of its structures will be left after the three-days festival to be re-employed) while inviting to perform unconventional artists that are used to drive their listeners in long journeys verged to outer spaces.


But what does it mean to be sustainable? This word has been abused by many, but Terraforma’s concept is willing to bring it to concreteness – waste will not only be recycled, but also reduced at first place.

Furthermore a gardening project aimed to save and bring back to life the surrounding forest has started this year, also thanks to the collaboration with external partners.

It seems like Terraforma’s goal is to shorten the apparent gap between art, nature, music and spectators.

A great example for this target is the Norwegian innovator Biosphere, bringing his Northern Pole’s sounds through ambient music. He is leading the first day’s line-up with the Italian pride Donato Dozzy (who just started a new label/project  under the name of Spazio Disponibile), Helena Hauff and Rabih Behani, one of Terraforma’s pioneer.

Lee Gamble, who just released Chain Kinematics by his very own label UIQ, will raise the BPMs on Saturday. AtomTM& Tobias are on the same day,  ready to delight us with their free-styled improvised electronic live set.


Experimenting seems to be another key-word for this three-days journey, as Charlemagne Palestine will also perform, bringing his unique sounds influenced by sacred Jewish music and Indian sounds; it’s a very rare occasion to see him live and it will perfectly fit in this magical setting.

Adrian Sherwood, Healing Force Project, Francesco Cavaliere, Paquita Gordon and many others complete this very various line-up.


Terraforma will take place in July 1-3 at Villa Arconati, an 18th Century baroque villa in Bollate, few kms away from the city center of Milan, Italy: it will be possible to camp in its garden.

The full-weekend pass now costs 80€ including camping, 90€ at the door. 

Tickets are selling out quickly, understandable for such a unique extra-sensorial experience.  

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