Pioneer of the “French Touch“ St Germain is back with a new eponymous album, and this is only the beginning! After a solar and emotional show at Troxy, St Germain is on his way to bring back to the world the essence of an aesthetic and original deep house.

Ludovic Navarre aka St Germain is still the same: a creator of a music intelligent and sensual cadenced by original deep house beats. Fifteen years after the multi-platinum album Tourist, the pioneer of the “French Touch“ locked himself in the studio to bring back an unpredictable eponymous album. Heavily influenced by jazz and black music, this album reflects his love of the blues, powered by hypnotic electronic loops – a complex blend performed in lived at Troxy, on Tuesday 17th.

A flute, a funky bongo, a saxophonist and some African guitars enhanced by heavy hitting techno beats, a formula harmoniously intertwined by vocal samples : this is a proper St Germain’s blues! A two hours live, orchestrated as something special. A memorable souvenir built around a calculated rhythms and hypnotic carnival atmosphere … This show really was something special. Before flying to Americas, St Germain will perform at Luxembourg, Madrid and Barcelona, and you should not miss it.