Hailing from the post-industrial city of Nancy, France, is bad boy and multi-instrumentalist funkateer Gary Gritness aka Slikk Tim. Killer electro funk blending nowadays influences from the streets of Detroit, Oakland and Atlanta around his trademark soulful sound, he uses an oldschool setup, dirty, warm & funky as hell, and is best enjoyed in his powerful live shows featuring masterful vocoder action and hard-core keyboards aggression. Get to know him with this 10 tracks playlist!

Curren$y feat. Freddie Gibbs, Saturday Night Special(2018)

Curren$y is my favorite rapper, every time he puts out something I’m jumping on it. I think he’s particularly strong when associating with beatmaker Alchemist, that combination created masterpieces like Covert Coup or Carrolton Heist,  and here, with the added presence of Freddie Gibbs, it makes for my favorite release of 2018. The cinematic moods of these things is fascinating to me, and lyrically it’s always some seriously G shit. 

Randomer, Smokin’(2013)

I found that tune searching for recent electro-funk stuff that I could relate to. Randomer is more usually known for his pretty monolithic and straight-ahead techno productions, and that’s why this release on Lies surprised the hell out of me. I never heard that cut in the club yet but I’m pretty sure it’s got to bash your head in on a system.

Stevie Wonder, I Love You Too Much(1985)

A friend of mine gave me this joint saying it reminded her of what I was doing on the Sugar Cane releases ! I didn’t know about that Stevie album at all, even tho I love « That Girl » on the album just before. Basically, it’s Stevie in top shape, locked inside the studio with the new toys of that era, namely a DX7 and a DMX, and it just slays.

Rick James, Money Talks(1983)

Some real street-level funk. If you play this loud enough waking up, you can be pretty sure you’re not gonna take shit from anyone for the whole day.  Rick James is out of this world, I think his albums, ‘Street Songs’ aside, are terribly underrated when they are all immense slabs of funk and r&b, with incomparable arrangements.

Steve Khan, Blades(1982)


As the 80s came on, Steve Khan, an in-demand session guitarist (going from James Brown to Steely Dan) who was touring with the Brecker Brothers from time to time, decided it was time for a complete makeover of his sound and ideas, and got a fresh start with now-legendary musicians : Anthony Jackson on bass, Steve Jordan on drums and Manolo Badrena on percussion. They made 3 albums of tense, high-octane improvisational music that I never grow tired of.

Sample Choir, Feelin’ Lonely(1994) 

Todd Edwards at the top of his game on Nervous Records. Not only the way he cuts up samples is absolutely inimitable, but his attention to detail is killing me every time. Something in his music that particularly resonates with me, as I listen to a lot of gospel music, is that I can feel exactly the same thing listening to him, as Todd Edwards is a true believer. It’s truly electronic ‘Praise Break’ music !

Gucci Mane feat. Bruno Mars & Kodak Black, Wake Up In The Sky(2018)

It’s going to be over 10 years that I listen to Gucci Mane, and I never heard about Bruno Mars before he put out his 24K Magic album last year. I thought it was excellent, despite what purists might say. I think it’s dope to see them reunited on this bad as fuck 808 Mafia beat (by the way, I use the scales you hear in that track a lot in my Adventures releases), it’s like Bruno Mars doesn’t give a damn about anything anymore and does exactly what he wants without a care in the world.

Paul Johnson, House(1994)

I had the chance to see Paul Johnson in Paris recently at a party I was playing as Playin’ 4 The City with Olivier Portal. PJ is a monster on the decks and so talented, I think he’s got to be able to call one of his tracks « House. » and get away with it. He played a whole section with nothing but joints like this, two tracks blended together to perfection at all times for an hour, it was crazy ! At any rate, this tune is on side that has 3 tunes : « Dedication to House », « House » and « Fuck You ». What more can I say ?!

Ed Rush & Optical, Compound(1997)

One of the most important Drum’n’bass records, it hasn’t aged one bit. I still don’t understand how they managed to pull out such insane basslines out of an old Pro-One, and most of the tunes have three bass tracks going on at the same time, it’s just mental. Then you got the super dark, sci-fi mood, the ultra-crisp yet natural beats, the perfect mixing… Truly a cornerstone of an album to me.

Shawty Pimp, Much Love In The Hood (1994)

Shoutout to Jay Simon for giving me this tape, as one of his hobbies is getting the most obscure rap tapes he can find, and this one hits it out the park. It’s Memphis rap with a slight West Coast tint, it’s got Roland R7 all over it and the samples are sick. On this one, it’s a joint from a Isley Brothers side project, « Insatiable Woman ». This type of tape makes you wanna dig deeper for the music that’s been ignored, because it just sounds so right.

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