After a brilliant take over of the Shapes warehouse with Nima Gorji and Zotist a few weeks ago, Grooves is taking possession of the Laundry E8 this Sunday – a daytime celebration of underground orchestrated by Romanian Nu Zau and the promising Ferro, flying straight from Amsterdam.

Back three years ago, for his first gig in London, Ferro discovered what makes London so special: “I was playing in an old strip club, I forgot the name… The day after I went to the Fuse party with Archie Hamilton [one of the residents] and he introduced me to Enzo Siragusa and the guys. I sent Enzo some music and we made a release; automatically, the gigs followed.” This weekend Ferro is back in town, called behind the decks of Grooves, an upcoming reference in the City’s underground scene.

Ferro was definitely someone we wanted to have involved in one of our Grooves editions as we are very big fans of all his latest productions.” The man behind the VBX label, freshly launched last summer after 4 years of successful events in the Netherlands, has already announced is next release on OscillatLazare Hoche, S.A.M and Malin Génie‘s imprint. “I just fired over 20/30 tracks to them. Because we are friends I’m able to send everything I make. They wont judge me on a couple of shit tracks.” This results in a release with an atmosphere not walled by words, where the artist lets everyone free to interpret the spheres.

Back again a few years ago, Grooves was also debuting on the small Island of Tenerife. Nonetheless, carried away by the love of the underground music, Tenerife was “not the place to grow and we decided to move to London witch is one of the strongest city in the world related to underground music culture…” Recently landed, Grooves is making itself a name in the party scene with a desire to share the vibe and look after this sound and culture while making people feel part of what they are doing.

“London’s crowd is crazy in a good way; people are open minded and I love the fact that they are so enthusiastic” Ferro says. That’s probably why he is looking forward to play Sunday for Grooves – what to expect? Grooves mastermind Alex Eichner promises “A proper journey of incredible music and some nice vibes on the dancefloor”. See you at Laundry E8 then…


• Thank you to Joël •