The concept of an after party once implied a gloomy atmosphere in a small crowded room with some deep music, in the company of a strange and disoriented crowd. But the French crew Discomatin breathe new life to the Parisian interpretation of an after. On the menu: Fruits, flowers and disco music for a wacky party.
hard life x discomatin

Their first release stays true to this idea. The floral vinyl holds four rare original disco tunes redesigned by the team, composed of St James, Jim Irie, Théo Top and Mag Spencer.  Aiming to return to the roots of disco, the crew came back to the concept of « edit » that was once popularised by Larry Levan and Ron Hardy. Their claim is more driven by a desire to update and modernize forgotten tracks rather than pure artistic creation. Their work is thus pretty straightforward: re-master, edit and fiddle with the BPM. Nothing superficial.

The first track, Big Stuff, is the most dynamic one of this vinyl. Four heavy drums after the intro announce some punchy music. A cheeky feminine vocal regularly appears, notably during the chorus. But it’s the main chord -that kicks in after a minute- that gives the tune its catchy aspect. The raw and repetitive sound of this track reminds us -in a softer version- of Giorgio Moroder’s intro of Donna summer’s I Feel Love. 

The second track, Sea and Sky Line, represents the lighter aspect of disco music, with its sweet brassy surface sound. A notable change almost at the end brings back some volume to the track, which nonetheless stays overall airy and smooth. This is probably not a tune designed for a crazy dancefloor, but would fit ideally in one of Floating Points’ set at the Plastic People (it’s former residency).

The other side of the vinyl starts on Périphérique Nord, an exclusively instrumental track, well built with some quasi-minimalist phase composed of light percussions.

The records ends on Jolie Face, a crazy edit that reflects the image of the Discomatin team. An absurd and very cheesy French vocal, illustrate the corny dimension of the « French-touch ». A track to play without limit and decency! Mission accomplished for the crew.

Increasingly present in the French and European scene the four members of the team had only one spot left to conquer: our record stores.

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