Saturday, 27th November, 7:31 pm, Greenwich, Studio 338: the queue is long and the wind is strong – let the celebration begin!

The center of emotions is slowly activated while we’re receiving the first beats: after the essential check-up, we’re finally there.

The Half Baked bike is up and beats are high, the atmosphere created doesn’t take long to captivate: there is everywhere something to see! Studio 338 seems to be turned into a jungle; a lovely and poetic jungle. The eye and the soul are traveling across this utopia locked in a dark Terrace. We’re late. We missed a few great names already, but there is still twelve hours of party, and Robin Ordell is entering the track, giving a sweet and mind-blowing start.

Everyone is here, friends, colleagues, the entire family … If you’re lost, be sure that the smiles and the kind looks around will welcome you. This is the Half Baked spirit. Beautiful girls, hair braided with flowers, are walking around or smoothly dancing like mayfly nymphs. Before I even dropped by the bar, it was impossible not to go by the move.
It came up all of a sudden: bathtubs full of glitter and confetti, and the famous photo booth! Of course we tried them: sitting in, grabbing and spreading glitter everywhere – kissing and hugging everyone. These were the promises for the great dreamers – a ferric jungle and shitloads of groovy tunes. Happy birthday man!

We followed the wave till the Loft – Room 2Colin Chiddle is leaving the decks for Barcelona’s Rainer keeping driving the crowd in a somewhat more intimate vibe. One of the highlights announced was the act of Elko Records’ boss Seuil offering Bruno/Half Baked a special birthday present playing live (UK exclusive) on the main stage. The crowd, already warmed up by local resident Greg Brockmann, is now power-up: “one of the best set tonight” shared some people later. Within an hour, he literally put the crowd is an ecstatic trance. Berlin-based Mike Shannon took over and, through a banging house, kept opening royally for highly expected surprise guests of the Half Baked team: non other than Detroit legends Omar S and Mike Huckaby. Smiles and hands were far from being purely stylistic. It was impossible to let the party end here!


A short ride later, we joined the after-party and … wow! Located just by the water and facing London City Airport, the playground was perfectly chosen. The wind was strong, the shapes of River Thames seemed to be grooving with us and the Half Baked family – amazing memories. Meanwhile the planes were taking off right in front of us, the fun kept us on going for hours. Hats off guys!