With a solid, highly respected presence in Manchester, Below The Surface hosts their first London party with Awesome Tapes From Africa headlining alongside Ruf Dug and Jack M.

We caught up with the ‘original tropical cyberpunk’, DJ and producer, Ruf Dug, who gave us an insight into what he was digging in his capacious crate at the moment.

Grab some headphones and expect to hear some serious bangers from the Below the Surface regular, who has reaped from his intercontinental musical endeavours.


Killer factory records tackle, Manchester meets New York with Mark Kamins adding some metropolitan pressure to this belter which remains super fresh”


“Nigerian Boogie 1984 – dead dead expensive but dead dead good. It’s got a super hypnotic groove – stay late on Saturday and I might just play it for you…”


From Africa to the French Carribean; Guadeloupe’s Francky Vincent bangs out a lazer-zouk hybrid that has everyone singing along by the end.


“The obligatory self-promotion inclusion…we made an epic cyberpunk video for this one. Jack into the matrix and find yourself in a Compass Point fantasy”



“Some contemporary African electronics now from a label called 1432R that’s based in both the USA and Ethiopia… Mikael Seifu is from Addis Ababa, his afrofuturistic sound is unique.”

Tickets are available here.