Reflect London’s passion for broken down beats, bass with uplifting synths and the East London minimalistic niche has led to the cherry-picked booking of VBX/Fuse power-hub Makcim to headline at The Nest this Sunday.

We’ve been much anticipating this week’s feature on Makcim and what he’s been digging in his crate. The Moscow-born Dutch-resident has been a pillar in the House/Tech scene for over 20 years now, accrediting himself his first residency at the age of 20 in Eindhoven.

VBX has been at the forefront of Makcim’s career within the past year, with the prominent promoter establishing Makcim’s presence in the Netherlands further alongside the likes of Ferro and tINI and the gang

With new releases on Raum Musik, and Apollonia  plus his work with production partner in crime Levi Verspeekthis Sunday’s party is one to watch out for. We’re hoping to hear a couple of tracks from Makcim & Levi’s new EP ‘1055ml’released on Lazare Hoche Records – a label that is ‘breathing new life into loopy house music.’

Reflect London are beginning to think towards the future with larger scale events, and the blueprint for the setting up their own record label is under construction. Check them out this Wednesday on Hoxton FM

Now sit back, relax, stick some headphones in and listen to Makcim’s selection for the week.

“What can I say, you all know that Herbert is a genius! Motorbass is very special, unique and did a masterpiece of an album, called Pansoul so the combination needs no explanation. Played this track a thousand times at home, I feel love every time I hear it!”


“These guys have made so many timeless, beautiful, cool house records! They made so many tracks I’ve been playing when I just started djing, 20 years ago and I still play them! Never bores me.”



“This track is on Farben – Starbox, 4×12” never get tired of this box. It is unique, warm, very filmic, sexy and abstract at the same time.”



Moodymann…I can write a book about why I love his productions, you all know why he is a genius! This track got played in a small warehouse party in New York, Brooklyn, in the morning – everybody was dancing! 


“I bought Perlon 1 when I started collecting records and I still buy almost every release! It is cliché but this label means a lot to me. This track brings me back in time, 15 years ago; illegal party’s in tunnels, woods, warehouses…wherever really…with my dear friends. I will never forget that period!

Tickets are available here