Aakmael, is that multi-talented Dj known to deliver the deepest and rawest sides of house music softened by vibrant vocals that reminds is the Chicago aesthetics.  Revealed at the front of the scene with his “Unexposed Evolutionz” on Bumpin’ City Records, DJ Aakmael  is now a must-hear artist of the house scene. We had the occasion to learn a little bit more about him

One track you listen to in secret ?

Lars Erik Larsson – A Winter’s Tale, Op. 18 pt 4 Epilogue (Andante) on repeat. Good meditational music.

What are you good at, besides music ?

Djing, baking chicken wings!

Can you share us 3 tracks which will never leave your DJ Bag?

Jovonn – “Satisfied“. Such a hard, dope track!

Romanthony – “Trust“. This track always gets em at the right moment!

Frankie Knucles – “Tears“. No need for explanation

If you had to be reincarnated as an animal ?

A Wolf bat. I grew up on Vampire and Werewolf culture. Plus it’ll be cool to fly out at night and hunt for my food!

The most valuable record you have in your collection ?

Ton premier vinyle ?

I don’t remember


If you were an object ?

J Dilla’s MPC. No telling all the dopeness that machine has witnessed!


Which artist would you like to see ? (dead or alive)?

Antonio Carlos Jobim, with full orchestra

A ritual before going on stage ?

Sip something.

Your favorite hardware ?

I’ve been using , la Native Instruments Maschine.

A guilty passion?

I’ve often been told that my love for popcicles and sunflower seeds is abnormal.

A track that you love but you can’t play and why?

Todd Edwards – Fly Away. Something about that tune love the arrangement and instrumentation. It’s perfectly mixed down, I love it but don’t like to play it out. I just like to listen to it on repeat.

Your favourite instrument ?

Hmm, something between a sax and a trumpet

If you had to sample the soundtrack of a movie ?

Valley of the dolls

An unusual place where you dream to play ?

Ibiza, or the dark side of the moon.

A track that you wish to produce?

Aw man, Mr. Fingers “Can You Feel It”. It’s probably one of the very first actual Deep House tracks I heard in ’88 on a mix tape (I still have the tape!) with other classic deep joints from the late 80’s. It’s the perfect Deep House track that stands the test of time, floors stay packed anytime I play it.


A record you regret not having ?


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