Since the launch of his flagship track “Paris City Jazz” last summer, Bellaire became one of the hottest house producers in France. After his first vinyl EP on AOC Records, his next release – including “Ah”, a jazz/garage crossover anthem that’s already convinced many – sets the tone for his upcoming summer tour across Europe. Catch him on June 8th in Paris and on the 15th in London!

3 tracks that will never leave your bag or USB drive?

Island Groove – “Just Remember” (Dubstrumental) : Everything I love combined in one track.

R. Purser – “Give Me Love” : wakes up a crowd. One of my favourite garage tracks.

Four Walls & Funkjaws – “10 PM“: Ideal for warm-ups.

An unexpected track you secretly listen to?

My mates and I listen to quite a bit of Frenchcore, it’s really energetic. This one was my alarm tone for a while.

Which artist or celebrity would you like to share a meal with?

Probably Louie Vega from Masters at Work, just to tirelessly listen to him talk about his career and progress.

Your bedside book?

I recently read Capital of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty.

Which artist or band would you have liked to see perform live?

I would have loved to see B.B. King, he is one of my favourite bluesmen. Also St Germain, who I’ll see at the Rex very soon!

Ton premier vinyle ?

Parisian Soul – “Keep On Dancing“.

It’s the first one I ever bought! It’s a huge disco edit, never fails to create a riot.

If you were to be a woman, who would you like to be?

Simone Veil, for her bravery and her commitments. She’s had the most inspiring life. She’s survived the Holocaust, fought for women rights – including the right to abortion – served as the French Minister of Health and was the first woman to become President of the European Parliament. Quite the résumé!

A track you love but never play, and why?

Samba Soul – “Chove Chuva Mas Que Nada“. I’m always hesitant to play it, I’ve never found quite the right time, but it’ll definitely come this summer. It really is a summer track!

Your preferred instrument?

Either the clarinet or the saxophone. Both are as powerful as a good vocal in a track.

If you had to sample a movie soundtrack?

It’d have to be Amelie. It’s absolutely masterful, and every bit could be sampled into a hip-hop track! The soundtrack was written by Yann Tiersen, who’s also a wonderful pianist and composer.

An unusual place where you’d like to perform?

I’m actually yet to play in a proper rave, it’s a kind of environment I find truly appealing because of the mindset, the freedom and the respect. So yeah, a nice rave in an abandoned space.

The record you regret not having purchased?

Inner Sense – “Motp“, as it’s a genre-defining track, but it’s way too expensive on Discogs. (But they’re repressing it soon so I’m stoked!)

Le track que tu aurais aimé produire (et pourquoi) ?

Cultured People – “Mother Earth” (Hoff’s House Edit)

It’s my favourite garage track. It combines jazz, house and garage perfectly. I’ve never found something that I actually enjoyed that much from A to Z.

Si tu étais un objet ?

A Fender Rhodes. Always nice to listen to.

Une anecdote « Dure Vie » à nous raconter ?

When Hard Life, known as Dure Vie in France, invited me to Concrete, one of the biggest Parisian venue for electronic music, my mate Hover tried to get in and got rejected at the door with a few of our friends, while I was playing his own track. Memorable

Bellaire: Facebook/ Soundcloud

 8th of June, ParisAOC Party : Bellaire, Interstate, Georges & Plateau AOC

15th of June, LondresPlatform presents Bellaire (Extended set)