Bristol based JoeFarr has becoming one of the new spearheads of industrial techno in Britain (with Perc and Truss) and released 3 EPs with Turbo  Recordings (label of Tiga) since signing in 2011. Alongside that, he released on future cult classic DSNT and Hypercolour sub label Hype LTD. Behind the scenes with the man. 

1 · What is the biggest moment of pride of your life?

Fairly recently when my 4 years old daughter said she wanted to have a disc and when I asked what music she wanted (expecting her to ask for the Frozen sound track), she said “techno please dad”.

2. Have you got a bedside book?

My grandmothers autobiography at the moment.

3 · Can you tell us the most shameful music you listen to in secret?

Probably the soundtrack of “The Bodyguard“. I feel no shame though, only an overwhelming feeling of Whitney lifting me higher.

4. Which public artist / person, would you want to have around for dinner ? (Can you precise why ?)

Probably Tiga, because he’s a fucking legend and doesn’t take himself seriously.

5. What are your worst “Random memories” from a party ?

Two guys pissing in my shower, then they got naked and ran around the house.

6. Have you got a bad joke (not funny) that you can share?

I don’t know any bad jokes.

7. Would you rather go to a concert or clubbing?

I’d choose a concert at the moment, because I spend quite a bit of time playing in clubs.

8. What do you do well, apart from music?

I can fix most things, including strong drinks!

9. Can you share 3 tracks which will never leave your DJ Bag?

An unreleased remix I did for a guy called Tony Phorse. It’s my last track every time..

Then Dualit – Rant.. it’s such a simple track but can stand up on its own or be layered with another..

Then lastly the Truss remix of East India Youth.

10. What would you have done if you were not a musician ?

Probably some kind of wizard.. actually I should have been a professional tennis player but I discovered more fun pursuits.

11. Have you benefited from your artist position at a party ?

I can demand alcohol which is pretty useful, I once made a guy drive 30 minutes each way to get me my headphones so I could play at the afterparty, but then I fell asleep on a sofa!

12. If you had to be reincarnated as an animal, which animal ?

It would have to be a bird of prey, like a buzzard or eagle because who wouldn’t want to fly ?

13. Do you have a ” Hard Life « story that you can share with us ?

I am extremely lucky to have what I have and my life has been quite easy really, so no.

14. What is your most expensive vinyl ?

I haven’t bought a record in a long time but I get given quite a few.. the most expensive would be from Ansome’s and Ossian’s label – SLAM002 which is about £40/50 on discogs.

15. Can you share the biggest succession of after-parties ?

They never go on that long for me because I have to catch a flight plus I need my beauty sleep. Boring I know.

16. Finally, what was your first vinyl purchase?

I think it was “The Bomb” by The Bucketheads.. either that or some Speed Garage like 187 lockdown.

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