Dimensions Recordings’ fifth release sees the label step into the world of the long-player with Istanbul native, Kerem Akdag’s self titled debut albumKerem has already been garnering global attention and gaining fans such as Gilles Peterson with his previous output of dusty house and tripped out beats in the last few years, and of course via his Getdownsoclose offering on Dimensions’ Recordings’ first release. Behind the scenes!

Have you got a bedside book?

I have comic books on my bedside.

One track you listen to in secret?

Ibrahim Tatlises – “Bir Kulunu Cok Sevdim”

What are you good at, besides music?

I am a good talker.

Can you share us 3 tracks which will never leave your DJ Bag?

Theo Parrish – “Chemistry”

Dj Rashad – “Double Cup”

J Dilla – “Climax”

If you had to be reincarnated as an animal?

Badger! They are some weird animals, getting in fights with lions and all pretty amazing stuff.

The most valuable record you have in your collection?

I am not a crazy record collector so I don’t have many valuable records in my collection but I can say that DJ Rashad ‘Double Cup’ is my favourite piece.

Your first record?

You won’t believe me but I got this when I was 13 and it was Limp Bizkit – “Chocolate Starfish And the Hotdog Flavored Water”.

If you were a woman, who would you be?

Erykah Badu.

If you were an object?

Snare drum.

Which artist would you like to see?


Do you have any ritual before stepping onto the stage?

No not really, I get so excited I can’t concentrate on anything but the show.

Your favourite machine?

Studio Electronics Se-1.

A guilty passion?

Junk Food.

What question would you like to answer in an interview?

“How does it feel to have a number 1 track?”

A track that you love but you can’t play and why?

There is no such track, if I love the track I will fit it in somewhere, somehow.

Your favourite instrument?

Rhodes piano.

If you had to play or sample the soundtrack of a movie?

Blood Diamond – “Solomon Vandy”

An unusual place where you dream to play?

Maybe on Istiklal Street in Istanbul.

A track that you wish to produce (and why)?

D’Angelo’s Voodoo album! Best drums in the world.

A record you regret not to have?

J Dilla – “Yancey Boyz”

A « Hard Life » anecdote you could share with us?

When i was in high-school if I liked a girl, I would get nausea because of the excitement so it was pretty rough.

Kerem Akdag : Facebook / Soundcloud

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