Hailing from Tuscany, Italy, Marco Faraone grew up immersed in music. While he started playing around with hiphop records from the likes of Run DMC and Tupac, he landed his first gig at just 14 years old! With a 3 years residency at the legendary Tenax club in Florence and plenty number of releases on respected labels such as Drumcode, Rekids or Sci+Tec, he started running his own imprint, UNCAGE Music. Behind the scenes with this very talented artist before his french date at Marvellous Island Festival on 19th of May. Marcos next release “On My Way” is out this Friday the 18th May, marking his return to Rekids!

Have you got a bedside book?

Alessandro Baricco – “L’anima di hegel e le mucche del wisconsin”

One track you always listen to in secret?

Boards of Canada – “Reach For The Dead


What are you good at, besides music?

My other passions are cooking and graphic design. So I would say both of these, as I couldn’t choose between them.

Your first record?

The first one ever bought was Lucio Dalla – “Attenti al Lupo“.


But the first club record was Jaydee – “Plastic Dreams“.


If you had to be reincarnated as an animal, which animal?

I would say a dog. Because I love dogs.

Your favourite machine?

Every day life machine, would be the Coffee Machine! It helps me to stay awake and always be able to produce music. But if we are talking about tech, then it would be my Moog Voyager.

Which artist would you like to see ? (dead or alive)

Alive, I would love to see Ludovico Einaudi and Hans Zimmer perform live.

Dead, definitely John Coltrane or Nina Simone.

Do you have any ritual before stepping onto the stage?

Stop and read the crowd.

Why your label’s name is UNCAGE? 

UNCAGE for me means freedom. No comprising on the music and no boundaires. Of course, when I started out, I released on other labels to get to where I am now, and its hard work waiting for answers and hoping that your music will fit their label. With my own label I can just share all the music that I love personally, and I think there is no better way to express yourself than that.

A guilty passion?

Eating! All day every day. Italian style.

A track that you wish you produced (and why)?

Laurent Garnier – “The Man With The Red Face”.

You can tell me why.

A record you regret not owning?

Underground Resistance – “Z Record“.


The most valuable record you have in your collection?

Maybe Moodymann – “Deleted Rehearsals” / Analog : Live

If you had to sample the soundtrack of a movie? 

Inception. Great movie, amazing soundtrack. I love all things Hans Zimmer.

An unusual place where you dream to play?  

In space…. ! But I think Jeff Mills will finally do it one day!

Marco Faraone : Website / Facebook / Soundcloud