With his releases on the likes of Lobster Theremin and Delsin, Route 8 has helped to put Hungary on the electronic music map, including several EPs on the London-based imprint. Before his set at Le Sucre in Lyon with two others members of the label, we went behind the scenes with him. 

Have you got a bedside book?

Isaac Asimov – “The Foundation Trilogy”

One track you listen to in secret?

Linkin Park – “Cure For The Itch”

What are you go at, besides music?

Working on a synthesizer plugin & playing way too much with my Nintendo Switch.

Can you share us 3 tracks which will never leave your DJ Bag?

Slave ‎- “Watching You”

DJ Rasoul Featuring Shanan – “Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe)”

Drexciya – “Black Sea”

If you had to be reincarnated as an animal?

Sloth, because I can sleep a lot.

The most valuable record you have in your collection?

Warriors Dance record label compilation from 1991. Bought it for 3euros, now it’s around a 100.

Your first record?

Jeff Wayne‘s musical version of the “War Of The Worlds”.

If you were an object?

I would be a sick poly synth.

Which artist would you like to see? (dead or alive)

Jeff Mills.

Do you have any ritual before stepping onto the stage?

1 bottle of club mate or cider.

Your favorite machine?

My little car.

A guilty passion?

Unlimited amount of chocolate coated cottage cheese stick (it’s a Hungarian dessert).

Your favorite instrument?

Nord Lead 3.

If you had to play or sample the soundtrack of a movie?

Anton Coppola – “Love Remembered” (from Dracula), because it’s beautiful.

An unusual place where you dream to play?

In a desert, at a middle of nowhere.

A track that you wish to produce (and why)?

M – Spirit Calling (Club Mix), because it’s the perfect track for sunrise and also I want to make a track with proper vocals.

A record you regret not to have?

Every record in my Discogs wantlist.

Route8 : Facebook / Soundcloud

Le 25 mars au SucreSunset society x Lobster Theremin 05 Years