Shall Ocin has been a DJ and producer since 1998. With a distinct sonic signature, he’s always trying to take his music to new and unexplored levels, with heavy use of modular synths, analog rhythmboxes and custom made effects. With some releases on labels like Ellum, Hotflush, Hot Creations or Get Physical or Culprit among others, he’s also one of the founders of Clash Lion, an electronic music label devoted to techno, electro and all kinds of experimental electronica. Behind the scenes!

Have you got a bedside book? 

“Tao te Ching”, by Lao Tse

One track you listen to in secret? 

Manolo Kabezabolo – “El Aborto De La Gallina”

What are you good at, besides music?

Electronic instruments development.

First « random memory »?

Playing with my brother in our garden at home.

If you had to be reincarnated as an animal?

Lion. It’s my zodiac sign and my label name.

Your first record?

Winx  ‎– “Don’t Laugh” (Sorted Records)

Which artist would you like to see on stage? (dead or alive)

Johann Sebastian Bach.

Do you have any ritual before stepping onto the stage?

No really.

Your favorite machine?

The modular synthesizer that I am developing with my father.

A guilty passion?

Eating meat.

What question would you like to answer in an interview?

What question would you like to answer in an interview? 😉

Your favorite instrument?

Electric Bass.

If you were an object?

The Sun. I love it, and I love sunny days, they are warm and full of energy.

If you had to play or sample the soundtrack of a movie?

“A Clockwork Orange”. The soundtrack is brilliant. Beethoven through electronics.

A track that you wish to produce?

I’d obviously like to produce something with Thom Yorke from Radiohead. He’s a genius.

About Shall Ocin : Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Beatport / DiscogsRA

Shall’s first release “Bounty Hunter” on his own label Clash Lion is out now