Robin Ordell output takes influence from three key European cities: Nice, London, and the German capital. His penchant for jazz imbues his music with deep soulful grooves, characterized by improvisation. Deep, bassy tones, together with infectious breaks and warm loops flow through his sets and productions, while touches of minimal experimentation and a strong house motif make up his sound. In 2014, he became part of the Lola ED agency, joining an array of underground luminaries and marking an important step forward in his decade-long career. In 2017 he continues to travel around Europe, with a steady flow of releases and a constant desire to channel the soul of jazz, house, and funk music through his Ordell-shaped filter. Behind the scenes… 

Have you got a bedside book?

Always do. My mother feeds me those. Last one worth mentioning would be Jack London‘s “Martin Eden“.

One track you listen to in secret?

Britney Spears‘s ‘Toxic‘ would be my pick. It’s actually an awesome production.

What are you go at, besides music?

I can cook, if i take the time (boeuf bourguignon is a personal favourite!)

Can you share us 3 tracks which will never leave your DJ Bag?

Acting press has been releasing some real quality music. This one’s never left the bag since i bought it.

It’s a friend of mine’s collaboration, on Claus’s (voigtmann) label, subsequent. As classy as it gets.

Uncovered by my buddy le loup. Very fresh new music i’m up for.

If you had to be reincarnated as an animal, which animal?

As a cat so i could hang out with my cat.

Your first record?

Often asked myself this question, but I can’t recall unfortunately…

If you were a woman, who would you be?

Deliya Derbyshire. To get to work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

If you were an object?

I’d be a CD if i wanted to be left alone.

Which artist would you like to see?

Would love to have dinner with John Irving. Just to hear more stories.

Do you have any ritual before stepping onto the stage?

I cough a lot. Not sure it’s a ritual but it happens nevertheless.

Your favorite machine?

My SH-101. It’s the second piece of gear i ever bought for my studio and never made a track without since.

A guilty passion?

Crash Bandicoot.

Your favorite instrument?

My SH-101.

If you had to play or sample the soundtrack of a movie?

Clint Mansell‘s score of ‘Moon‘ is pretty good.

A track that you wish to produce (and why)?

Herbie Hancock‘s “Rain Dance” must have been a fun studio session for sure.

A record you regret not to have?

There are way too many to choose!


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