UNER is one of the most important names of the new generation of DJs and producers. His background in production as well as being a clasically trained musician, has encourged him to incorporate both passions into a new concept to combine both his DJ set and a live act. This provides the audience something very experimental, versitile and unique which make his performances an unforgetable experience. Behind the scenes as he just released his remix of Dave Seaman on the EP “Control Freak”.

Have you got a bedside book?

Yes, for many years it was “The Exorcist”, a first edition from 1975. I found the original one in a second hand shop and although not at my bedside any longer, it’s now in a special place in my house.

One track you listen to in secret?

I don’t really have any tracks I would keep a secret when talking about music I listen to. I love all of it and am not ashamed to say so! I listen to a lot of classical music when I am alone. But I have to tell you that my main track for ‘shower time’ is REM’s “Losing My Religion”.

What are you go at, besides music?

I really love to read, as much as I can. I read a lot of books about interesting things, and conspiracy theories like flat earth, UFOs etc.

Your first random memory?

My first memory is when I was very young, playing a small ref piano on the sofa and my parents were both there too. I guess I was only about 3 or 4 years old.

Can you share us 3 tracks which will never leave your DJ Bag?

Laurent Garnier – “Crispy Bacon”

Nathan Fake – “The Sky Was Pink” (James Holden remix)

The Chemical Brothers – “Star Guitar”

If you had to be reincarnated as an animal?

A Dog. They feel real love.

The most valuable record you have in your collection?

Mozart – “Requiem”

Your first record?

The first I bought with my own money was Laurent Garnier – “Crispy Bacon”. But the first I had and I can remember well, was Jean Michel Jarre “Magnetic Fields”.

If you were an object?

A grand piano.

Which artist would you like to see? (dead or alive)

Fredy Mercury or Mozart. Yes, really different but it is what it is!

Do you have any ritual before stepping onto the stage?

You can’t even imagine how many rituals I have. We would need a special edition interview to cover them all (laughs).

Your favorite machine?

Maschine 😀

A guilty passion?


What question would you like to answer in an interview?

Is the Earth round or flat?

A track that you love but you can’t play and why?

I really play what I love. Sometimes is difficult to fit something in but it’s about finding the right moment and making it work.

Your favorite instrument?


If you had to play or sample the soundtrack of a movie? 

“Interstellar” or “Inception”. Play both, never sampling.

An unusual place where you dream to play?

Inside Salamanca’s Cathedral.

A track that you wish to produce (and why)?

A full original work for any philharmonic.

A record you regret not having?

Ouch. I can’t make a list with all of them. Too many!

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Uner Remix of Dave Seaman (Control Freak EP)

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