Forgot all that you thought you knew about the home of techno because Bucharest is about to tip the balance. For five days from the 27th of November, the world coolest DJ’s are primed to swoop down upon the city!

How? Nothing but the longest musical event in European nightlife history.Interval festival, a 100 hour nonstop party! What party-goer has never dreamed of attending the nonstop party? Who has ever prayed to keep a marvellous vibe going just a few more hours?

Believe it or not, this is going to happen next weekend. The ambassadors of a peaceful Romanian vibe, e.g. Barac, Raresh, Priku and Petre Inspirescu, are ushering in the world of techno to Bucharest.

With 100 hour of partying planned, you can imagine that each DJ will be given ample time to create one heck of a party vibe. The line-up is amazing : Acid Pauli, Boddika, Leon Vynehall, Lazare Hoche, François X, Herodot, Magaret Dygas, San proper, Cabanne, Recondite, Amir Alexander, and I could go on!

2500 people are expected across different locations, to avoid overcrowding – Interval Festival is taking place on 4 stages in three of Bucharest’s central hubs devoted to house & techno.

Club Guesthouse, is a well known mecca in Bucharest’s electronic landscape. Club Control is a hot spot for a wide variety of parties, it features a lovely outdoor terrace and a fine dining restaurant. Finally Club Eden, built as a neoclassical palace. Its outdoor garden is one of the most intimate chill out spaces in town. They all are venues claiming freedom through policies which encourage positive conduct. This is the pure essence of a must-go party?

Tickets are still available from 65€, full five days access. What more could we ask for ?

• Thanks to Nick Moss •