180gr is a concept imagined by N-Zino (Rebirth), that consists in playing Dj sets in local italian markets, the perfomances being transmitted live on facebook and available to stream on their youtube channel,  like an alternative version of Boiler Room.

This project’s goal is to promote vinyl, analog equipment, the local scene and italian culture. All these elements meet in the market, out of their usual context (like clubs), in a place who is at the same time authentic and local.

Their motto ? “180G the weight of the vinyl, the values of the territories”. Their mission ? To promote local consumerism in all it’s forms. We had the chance to have a chat with N-Zino, 180gr founder. 

How did you come up with your concept ? What did make you choose the market as your playground? 

180gr  •  Everything started from the desire to rediscover the beauty of vinyl, of its pure and raw sound –says Enzo Iannece, aka N-Zino, the creator of the 180gr musical project . I’ve thought about performances based only on analogical equipments where the music is mixed by a record player and a rotary mixer.

Thinking about an unusual location that is in line with the spirit of the vinyl, we chose the local market as a metaphor of the return to the origins, to the analog sounds, the sounds linked to the territories. We wanted to express ourselves in a context not related to music, so we try to find a way to tell about vinyl in the sunlight, in hours and among people that are far away from the club’s ambient. It was a bold and courageous idea that rewarded us: the local markets appearred to be a fantastic stage for DJ sets!

What is the aim behind 180gr ? To highlight local production such as the italian electronic scene and gastronomy ? To push people to consume (and to listen) locally ?

180gr  • We started to play in local markets with the main purpose to take vinyl out of it’s usual context. Since the first performance we have had the clear sensation that these two elements (the vinyl and the local culture) are complementary and part of a same argument.

With the 180’gr project we want to telle the stories of the local culture, the colours, the sounds and the flavour of the places that are the most genuine of our cities. We want to involve a global audience thanks to the use of digital channels and social networks. Analog and digital are part of the same reality and together they can help us to reach even more big goals: overtake the time and space limits, make accessible to all, the history of the places that we visit and promote a kind of music that has been archived for too long of a time.

“Our feeling is that we are expressing a collective need that is to rediscover our origins! “

hard life x 180gr

What are the reactions between public at the market and professionals artists working there ? How does the public react to the music and performances as they are not usually the first concerned by techno and house music ?

180gr  • I’ve always believed that the music is an universal language. Our DJ sets confirm this! Moreover, the choice of hosting local DJs has allowed us to offer authentic sounds in some way related to the place in which they are played. The local sellers and the people never have considered us like a source of annoyance. Every stages of the 180gr’s project have obtained a great success precisely among people who are the furthest from club culture.

What is the interaction DJ-crowd-venue like? 

180gr • The DJs who have played with us until now have had a great time getting in touch with people who usually go to the market. Obviously, the choice of the music has took into account the respect for the place where we have had the performance: our DJs have chosen sounds suited to the place, that were in harmony with the context and that contributed to express its typicality. I must say that all the DJs have had really a lot of fun: It’s sufficient to look at our videos to capture the unique atmosphere that recurs in every our stages

hard life x 180gr

We understand that the vinyle as a medium is at the center of your project as fresh produces. Why this choice? 

180gr We love vinyl primarily because its sound is warmer and more authentic than the sound created in the recording studio or with digital consoles. In fact more and more labels have decided to republish in vinyl both old and new songs and at the same time it looks like that the people enjoy more the sound of a good disk. In addition there is a drop in CD sales due to the fact that people prefer channels like iTunes or Soundcloud.

Can you do for our french readers a little state of play of the italian scene right now ?

180gr The Italian scene is very fragmented, there are very loud Techno realities and even a larger number of commercial realities. For some years now the scene has been rapidly moving forward the Rare Disco, Funk and Boogie scene. There are more and more locus throughout the national territory among producers, DJs and promoters who are doing a very good job. We are also proposing again Italo Disco and Cosmic, a genre invented here in Italy that for decades we have considered almost trash but paradoxically the Germans made us to appraise again.  This is an important point on which I think we should focus more, abandoning the xenophilous attitude in its negative sense, as a denial of all that is local.

“I think that in music, we need to have more ability in listening and judgement and not follow sterile trends.”

You may know that the french scene is really having a rebirth right now are there any french labels/DJ’s/ producers that you follow or listen to right now ?

180gr  I think that always and not just In House Music, France is one of the major players on the global music stage although at this time there is a particular ferment regarding House Music… I have so much love for Pascal Rioux’s Favorite Recordings.

Finally can you sell us your concept like you would sell your finest tomatoes in 3 tracks ?

180gr  Lucio Battisti – Il Veliero… classic local product. Love Unlimited – I Can not Let Him Down (Mighty Zaf Edit)… because the products of quality never fade. Acid Pauli – Marvin… when the tradition meets the modernity, it can be an explosive combination.