We had the chance to interview Boris Brejcha on the occasion of Big Bang Festival in Paris. The event is organized by Marvellous Island, a famous promoter in France. Our french mates from Dure Vie asked some questions to the High-Tech Minimal’s founder. 


You’re celebrating the first anniversary of FCKNG SERIOUS with Ann Clue and Deniz Bul. Looks like you are ending a crazy first year : what is your best memory ? the worst ?

Yes. That’s true. It was a massive first year for our label. We played so many label nights and released a lot of good music. I think there is not really, one “best memory”. Everything we did was just amazing and we really looking for more in the future. Actually, there was not really a “worse part” last year and we’re really happy about it.

Word says you are inseparable : How did you meet Ann and Deniz ? And how the Imprint idea came from ?

I met Cora in 2008. She wrote me a message on Myspace. I know her for such a long time already and she is definitely my second soul. I guess nobody could ever split us !
Deniz is my best friend. In 2009, he wrote me a message on YouTube and asked me to have a coffee with him. I saw that he was coming from the same town and at that time, I had a bit of spare time – so I decided to have this coffee with him. When we met for the first time, a big friendship was born. We are like a big Dream-Team.

The idea about doing a label was coming from myself because I was not 100% happy with the work from the label Harthouse. The name of our label FCKNG SERIOUS came up while I was producing a track with my best friend Deniz. The track is called “R U FCKNG SERIOUS”. I guess it’s a powerful name. Short, and everybody can easy remember ! And it’s part of our philosophy. We are working hard and serious but if you are doing party with us, it is getting every time crazy ! and really funny.

Are there powerful release to come ? Tease me I’m curious.

Of course. Cora and I already released our EP called “Roadtrip”. This one was really successful and we decided to bring this one as a vinyl edition in november this year. And of course there is more to come from Deniz, myself and from our new artists Theydream from Switzerland, which are really good. It just takes a bit more time but then we start to “spam” (giggle).

To you, where would be the difference between Minimal Techno and High- Tech Minimal ?

I guess everybody knows Minimal and Techno. But as for me – my tracks are not 100% Minimal and of course not 100% Techno. That’s why I decided to create a new genre. In my tracks there are a lot of elements like Techno, Electro and I also use a lot of melodies. It is like a mix of everything. Actually, I don’t really like to put my music in any genre. I guess everything is electronic music. But the people (fans) like to do that. And that’s why I created it.

Do you prefer playing festivals or clubs shows ?

I like both but I think I would prefer small clubs. Because then, you are really close to your fans and the atmosphere is intense. I love that.

Do you know artists from the french scene ? Are you following some of them ? Or would you like to see some of them releasing on your imprint ?

Yes. I know Popof and Worakls really well. But actually, I am not really following anyone. Because I think it’s not that good for producing music to have too much influences from other artists. But I guess to have a remix from Popof on our Label would be massive.

What is the most unavowable track that you love ?

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

Your next gig in Paris Is Big Bang Festival. They always bring very nice stages and set-up, are you excited to play there ?

I’m very excited because it’s the first time for me playing at the Big Bang Festival. And also a bit nervous. I’m really curious about how it will be. And I’m happy that Cora and Deniz are also playing. This will be so much fun.

What is the best thing we could wish you for the future ?

I guess just keep working like you do and have awesome parties !

Any last word you would like to share ?

I just like to thank all of my fans ! Without them, it would not be possible to do what I love.