We asked him to talk about his “first musical times”. Flashback.

The first time you went to a record shop?

Probably when I was 18 maybe? Records weren’t really selling at that time.

The first record you’ve bought in this record shop?

I think, J Dilla – Donuts was the first record I owned.

Your first night in a club / The first DJ set you saw?

DJ Hype, when I was 14.

The very first track you produced? (not released)

I’ve been making music for about 11 years now, I wish I still had the first track I produced, although you probably wouldn’t want to hear it!

The first time you told yourself music was your calling?

I never did really, it kind of just happened.

Your first gig abroad?

Antwerp, with Brawther, about 5 years ago.

Your first fail during a DJ set?

I cleared the room once, not sure how or why, but it happened.

Your first B2B?

I always have a cheeky B2B with mates, and promoters, but my first REAL B2B was probably in Paris, with Moodymann a few years back.

The first time you heard someone spin one of your track?

Again, the first person to play my record was Moodymann, at Louche in Leeds.

The first time you met him?

When I gave him my CD at Dimensions festival, the next time I saw him I was signed to his label, still don’t get quite how that all happened!

That first time when you saw Mazen (Duke) wearing a dress in an afterparty?

I’m yet to witness that, but I can’t wait!

First thing you think to sweeten your life up?

My dog is number 1.

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