Jive Talk (Jonny & Sam) are a London based duo who’ve been making waves. Having formed in 2016, the pair quickly picked up residencies at Gottwood Festival (part of Gottwood Allstars), 12 Inch LDN, and House of Disco (UK), as well as hosting their own parties in East London. They’ve already played some of the UK’s best festivals and parties, playing alongside the likes of Kiwi, Tornado Wallace, Crazy P, Tristan Da Cunha, Pete Herbert, Greg Wilson and many more. Their 1st EP ‘Silk Cutlery’ was released in May 2018 via their own imprint, Not For You Records and has already been championed by DJ Mag and supported by Horse Meat Disco and Move D. Their Instagram page says it all: these two are fun time party starters with an upfront and chunky mode of house and disco. We checked in with them to find out what is good…

Hey guys, how did you two meet? Was it love at first sight?

Jonny – We were rival DJs in separate duos. We felt threatened by each other.

Sam – Yeah, there was a lot of heat in the air, if we hadn’t teamed up there probably would have been bloodshed.

Bristol is a hub of creative culture, art and music, with many emergent acts now nationally and even globally recognised. Would you describe you time there as your formative years? How has the city influenced your sound?

Jonny – Massively so. Jive talk would not exist had we not both been there. It will always hold a special place in our hearts!

Sam – It made us what we are today, through playing at parties like Blow pop and Just Jack we were exposed to so much music that 100% broadened our musical horizons. Shout outs to Jules Smith and Rag for giving us those opportunities.

How would you compare the party and clubbing scene with that of our dear capital?

Jonny – It’s hard to compare it fairly really, when we were there we were young and constantly partying whereas our time in London we’ve been a bit more grown up. I think both city’s have a lot to offer on that front but I feel like there was a community feel down in Bristol when we were there and I believe that togetherness is still very much apparent.

Sam – That said, since we started Jive talk a little under two years ago in London, the new people we met welcomed and supported us massively. So we defiantly feel as though we are part of a community here also. Big thanks to everyone who has supported us and given us sets you know who you are, you sexy people.

What are your favourite hot spots in London?

Sam & Jonny – For hot beers in the sun it’s got to be Netil 360 in London fields. Also good to spin a couple of records up there as well.

We play regular parties at NT’s (underneath netil 360). Great atmosphere and decor in there and we always get looked after well/fed deliciously strong cocktails.

And although we’ve not been there for a while, when you really wanna just have a dance to a good sound system Corsica studios is up there for sound. Would like to play there again actually.

‘Silk Cutlery’ is the name of your debut EP – it was just released on your own imprint ‘Not For You Records’.. Congratulations! How does that feel? Can you delve further into the name of both please?

Jonny – Thanks, it feels pretty good actually. It wasn’t something we really planned on doing until it happened but we’re very excited about the future of Not For You…

‘Silk Cutlery’ came up when we were being stupid at a house party but we really enjoy the thought of owning such useless luxuries.

Originally it was what Sam would say to his dog whilst feeding her treats, ‘that’s not for you that food’. Then we started saying it whenever one of us would ask for an ID on a big record, ‘whats this track?’ ‘Not For You’ will always be the response.

Where would you like to see yourselves this time next year?

Jonny – Djing Barberellas in Tisno wearing some really expensive shades.

Sam – I second that, maybe some embroidered designer slippers also.

Your social networks have met a pretty good reception, the content there is hilarious! What’s the inspiration behind these alter egos you carry? For the readers, please do explain a bit about them. Do you worry people may not take you seriously?

Jonny – Neither of us are very serious people. We’re constantly making each other laugh with stupid accents/characters and scenarios and every now and then we’ll take put that into our Instagram, it’s bit more interesting than just a picture of you DJ’ing or a night you’re playing at. I think it’s important to not take yourself too seriously, at the end of the day we’re doing something to make people dance. That said we do want people to take our music seriously and hope we get the balance right.

Sam – I think its good to be light hearted but when it comes to the music we play and make we are very passionate about it and take that seriously for sure, I believe that comes across in both.

Raspberry Ripple or Banana Split?

Jonny – That’s a bit of a personal question, no comment.

Sam – Banana Ripple

Disco is clearly a large part of everything you are about. What do you like best about the genre?If you could go back and party with one disco queen, who would it be and why? (Donna Summer? Carly Simon? Etc..)

Jonny  – It definitely holds a big influence and we play a lot of it however it’s not what we want to define us or our sound.

Sam – Millie Jackson, Diana Ross, Patti Joe, Sister Sledge  would be cool as i love their music. There is so many people i would love to have met but off the top of my head those would do nicely.

What are your summer plans? What are you most looking forward to?

Jonny – We’ve got a nice little run of great festivals and parties this summer. Gottwood is always the highlight and our festival home. We’ve been lucky enough to host our own stage on the Friday for the last 2 years. Virgo festival is always banging which is in a few weeks and also the 2nd instalment of El Dorado end of June. New stage looks badboy, and you can catch us there.

Sam – Also really looking forward to the House of disco party in few weeks and Fever 105

What’s next for Jive Talk in terms of releases?

Jonny – We’re sitting on some great tracks which we’d like to release over the next year. For now though we just want to make sure this 1st one sells out before getting ahead of ourselves.

Finally, if you had just met a person and you liked them. Maybe you’ve been on one or two dates and you were keen to impress them. What tune would you send them and why? Remember, you are showing off your sass here!

Sam – Sebastien Tellier – Sexuality (full album)

but if only one track maybe Prince – Scandalous

Jonny – Saucy Lady – Together (E Live Remix)

Jive Talk: Facebook/ Soundcloud/ Instagram

‘Silk Cutlery’ EP on Not For You Records : Bandcamp / Soundcloud