In January 2014, Hard Life invited Robsoul Recordings at the Parisian venue the showcase in order to celebrate the 15 years of the label. Joss Moog was present that night and thanks to him Hard Life Paris has experienced one of it’d greatest nights-out. 

On October 2nd , Hard Life had the opportunity to meet Ondulé recording team (Joss Moog, Around7 et Jean Cé), at Djoon another parisian venue.

This event placed under the sign of Ondulé Records, Joss Moog, Around7 et Jean Cé will be playing together alongside with Paul cut, genius of the synthesizer whom signed his first EP at Ondulé, and Hatelate a young producer from the Saint Etienne (FR).

In order to find out more about this intriguing and cool team, we interviewed Joss Moss who played a little Q/A game .  ondule-water

Hard Life • You made up your own label with Around7, who is also a member of Robsoul recordings and Jean cé Aka SFD. What could you tell us about them? 

Joss Moog • Around7 is an old friend, we have know each other for years and we have been collaborating together almost eversince. I think I would still  be objective if I say that in my opinion he is probably one of the best producers of House music at the moment. But again, it would certainly be better to judge by yourself and check his Soundcloud.

For Jean Cé it’s basically similar, I met him ages ago, we are on the same wavelength musically as well as on everyday life. Jean Cé has a broad knowledge about electronic music in  its wider sense, I would say he is the « brain » of Ondulé and that is how we consider this label from our beginnings. I would say our strength lies in our trio, just three friends making music. 

Hard Life • What took you to create this label over the past year? 

Joss Moog • We came up we this idea of creating a label about two years ago, I guess we just needed some time to figure ouf the stakes of instigating such a project. Originally, our goal as it is for most of the artists I assume, was you convey our vision of music while oscillating between uptempo and down tempo, focusing on live music rather than on recording, fostering collabs between artists and so on. The perspective being to create more like a « familial » project. 

Hard Life • So speaking of collaborations, can you name a few artists with whom you foresee to collaborate? 

Joss Moog • Obviously a couple names are nearly « dreams » but the idea is to focus rather on young producers that we are not really familiar with.I would say working with new people feels more exiting. That has been the case for Hatelate and Paul cut for instance the experience has been rewarding so far both of them are simply very talented. 

Anyway, to answer your question I think a neat sound stream on Ondulé would be great. 

By the way Frank Timm, if you’re reading this interview you know where to find us!!

Hard Life • Can you tell us more about Paul Cut your new member. 

Joss Moog • Ok I am not very good when it comes to pleasing somebody, but we can’t deny that this «  kid » deserves it. To be honest he is great, incredibly gifted, great with a keyboard, very curious and eager to improve. Every tracks he has sent to us so far gives out a singular emotion. I can say without mistaking that this kids is going to be big over the next months! Same for Hatelate, we just met talented producers with whom we could totally go and chill on a break! 

Hard Life • What are the upcoming events of the Label? 

Joss Moog • Hatelate is releasing his second EP as well as a vinyl combining his best tracks from his previous EP. DJ-UnDeux who has made a crazy two-track Ep, he is young he is handsome and talented! 

For January Around 7 and I are going to release one of our major projects, we have been working on for about a year now. Can’t say more about it at the moment, you will have to be a bit more patient. 

Hard Life •  So you have been in the game for a while now,you certainly experiences good and hard stuff,but for now we are going to focus on the hard ones cause that’s what this magazine is about right? 

Can you tell us about a dodgy event? A chaotic  organisation? A weird audience ? An awkward moment of loneliness perhaps? 

Joss Moog • Yes I did in fac,t but its it’s important to keep the mood up no matter what happens, you just have to keep some good vibes with your 2 friends that are here for you that’s it.. But yeah I recon that’s hard man and yes it happened to me a couple of times, once in Germany I can’t really say where but at the end of the day that was quite formative. 

Hard Life • What track do you listen to on a bad day?

Hard Life • Let’s move on to something bit more positive, what’s your best memory as a producer?

Joss Moog Most of the cool memories are linked to the venues or cities I have been to (in Berlin in particular), likewise to the people/audiences I have met. 

Last month in Prague I was giving my first set on a boat  and somehow they set some fireworks on the opposite bank. The music has been relayed to the second plan for a couple of minutes, but what a blast . 

Hard Life • What are the artists that inspire you atm? 

Joss Moog • Kink, the Black Madonna, Cuthead, S3A 

Hard Life • A few tracks to keep the mood up between the rain drops of London? 

Swing66 » by Around7 to jump between the drops, « Coconuts » of Fouk to feel a glimpse of sun and “Baptize me” (Afshin main mix) to keep calm on the ring!