Between dark shadows and brightness,  the last album of Dutch producer Reggy Van Oers is dropping this kind of atmospheric techno sound you cannot forget. Released last October on Telemorph Label, we couldn’t miss the occasion to meet up with Reggy to talk about his inspirations, collaborations and plans for future.

First of all, can you tell us what was your first contact with techno music and how did you start your career as a dj/producer?

I’ve started dj’ing in 2005 together with a good friend of mine who, at that time, was a resident in a club in Rotterdam. We played some back to back sets or i was playing the first hours of the night. Around that time most weekends i went clubbing with friends to see artists play like Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin and John Digweed. I think at the end of 2005 I got more and more fascinated to make my own music rather than playing records from others. Soon after i started out with the help of a friend who was making music at the time for a living. So i spent less nights partying but more weekends at home learning to properly produce music. I’ve always been very picky on the quality of my sound, probably that’s why i’ve waited some years to send my productions to labels. Somewhere in 2007 i was finally happy with my tracks and decided to send it as an Ep to Trapez. This became my first release.

Could you tell us a little bit more about your collaborations with Affin?

Joachim Spieth was also releasing on Traum/Trapez around the same time as me and he asked me to do a remix for his new label Affin. I’ve released a couple of ep’s afterwards and we became good friends ever since. He has always been interested in my work though my music has been very different from the other releases on the label. This made it possible for me to keep developing my sound where as the label has been doing the same lately. The connection on a personal level has always been good, which is a very important thing for me, therefore i felt comfortable to release my music and grow with the label to the point where it is at the moment.

You have created your own entity, Telemorph but you have also launched the Morph events. What is the artistic project you would like to create with the Morph events?

I’ve initiated Morph, as a series of events, to support the artists and labels that I really like and respect. We have invited the artists from the labels The Gods Planet, Northern Electronics, Outis and Telemorph. The last event was a little bit different as we had the opportunity to create an event with some of my personal favourites showcasing electronic music from the deepest corners within the spectrum.

We always have a visual instalment to create a more intense experience by combining atmospheric and hypnotic music with cinematic and experimental visual performances. This has resulted in intimate events where the performing artists can express themselves freely, while being connected to a crowd that becomes part of these journeys, instead of just attending them.

Who are, generally, the artists that inspire you the most through your work?

Murcof has made a big impact on me from the first time i heard his work. His productions are always full of tension, beautiful and provoking in a way that really touches me. It gives me a feeling of being in another dimension without boundaries or expectations.

Pier Alfeo aka Dubit/UNC is also an unique artist who inspires me a lot. I really love the way he uses space and time which makes me more aware of my surroundings. He can make something out of nothing by just experimenting with different recording techniques. I think he made me realise a new world of creation and writing music much more connected to solid ground.

The last years Luigi Tozzi had an output that got to me from the very first start. His sound perfectly blends the elements i like to listen to and play in my sets. It makes me comfortable to dive deep into the atmospheres where organics always prevail.

Your style has evolved, from your first releases on Affin and Trapez to the Telemorph 002. According to you, what can explain this progressive evolution?

I think the main reason of this evolution is that i became more capable to translate and express what I really wanted to say. In the beginning i was working with obvious arrangements in tracks, basically the way dance music usually is produced.

Gradually i’ve changed my way of working by focussing more on the single elements within the several textures to create a more mental environment for myself. Later on my productions became more heavy in the low end and the productions much more atmospheric and complex.

Since its beginning, techno music has evolved a lot in the way the tracks are constructed. For example, we can see that nowadays there are more and more artists who make a more mental-oriented techno. What could be the next possible evolutions of techno according to you?

I hope that acoustic instruments will become more induced in techno. There are so many great instruments to experiment with that could add something fresh and new to this evolution. Of course it has already been done but i think that if this would develop in a specific way that it could become another niche in techno.

It seems that the visual universe behind your tracks is very rich. If you could describe your music as a painting, what would it look like?

A painting in which you can discover what you would like to see depending on your mood and experiences. It will be an abstract representation where different materials make the foundation and several sorts of techniques are used to create layers in depth and colour.

The underground scene is currently exploding in France. What about Netherlands? Do you think that there is still a dynamical techno scene? Could you tell us who are the dutch artists you would advise us to listen to?


Especially in the broad spectrum of what you can call techno nowadays there’s plenty going on. The bigger events usually offer the same line up’s you’ll find anywhere in Europe. Fortunately, there are also promoters trying to do things a bit different by creating a more intimate setting and focussing on artists in the more specific types of techno. There’s also a development to be seen in combining live video performances with music. This is something i can really relate to and therefore i hope this will evolve within the scene.

Ben Buitendijk is an artist i would advise you to check out as his productions are interesting and refreshing. I’m looking forward to see how his sound will develop over time.

What are your projects for the end of the year?

My album will be released the 14th of October on Telemorph. There’s going to be a contribution by me on Polegroup that will be out soon. In November my new ep “Ingrained” on Affin will be released which also contains an Acronym remix. Next to that i’ve done some remixes that will be out this year i think.

Which are your 3 favorite non-techno tracks of 2016?