At the the end of the 1990s, Rødhåd laid the groundwork for building his DJ-career. His specific style, consisting of Dub-Techno mixed with percussive grooves and his timeless, perfect mixing technique garnered him widespread recognition. In 2012, after releasing his first record on his label DYSTOPIAN, Rødhåd’s tracks immediately received praise by a lot of international DJs, producers and institutions. We had the chance to ask him several questions before his venue at infamous club Concrete in Paris.  

This new album « Anxious » steps away from dance floors and marks a new, more artistic, turning point. The project seems to be oriented on the creation of an atmosphere with pads, further from the kicks than before. What made you want to switch to this style? Was there any key moment?

Thanks a lot for the compliment. I actually wanted to work on a longplayer for a long time. To concentrate on such a music piece by piece but let it sound like one large music track was a goal. That’s why I also tried to produce everything in a certain amount of time, so the sound aesthetic is quite similar.

You’re perhaps a bit stressed waiting for the community’s feedback on the album. Have you ever though of creating an alias or sub label to explore this other part of you? The challenge to test yourself, eventually start all over again didn’t tempt you?

No, that’s the nice thing about that project: I am not stressed at all about any feedback or opinions anymore. The album helped me to find my sound and to accept my way I want to go. If I ever will do another alias, than also because I feel it.

You still have some gigs for the end of 2017, especially a gig at Concrete on December 15th. Can we expect you to play differently than usual? Less kicks and more ambient?

What I love about concrete that I always could do what i want there. But looking on the rest of the line up we curated together for that night, it will be definitely a techno set I will play.

Your album sounds very cinematic, almost sounds like a movie soundtrack, and you said you were inspired by the film “Running Man” (1987). Are there other elements that inspired you? 

Yes, I needed a start point for that longplayer. So we sat together with the label and looked for inspirations, for a red line. When I thought about Running Man, a dystopic movie I watched quite often in the last years, I had several ideas in mind how a new interpretation of the soundtrack could sound like.

But at some point in the studio, I was also adding a lot of personal ideas to the album and did also a collaboration track with VRIL because it felt perfectly fitting.

Are there any films or series that you would have liked your music to illustrate?

Of course speaking about dystopian films, I really like “Blade Runner” (1982) or also “Metropolis” (1927). But they are actually already kind of perfect, so no need to work on that. Maybe one day I would like to get more into film and sountrack music like Ben Frost is doing right now. He’s doing it the right way.

You produced the track « Target Line » with Vril and in another interview you talked about developing a live project for this album. Can we expect the birth of a duo project? Have you ever thought about it? 

With Vril in the studio it’s always fun, but we never planned or planning a live performance. Yet. Actually, I think I would like to work on my own first steps before sharing the stage with somebody else. A long way to go.

You’re one of those DJs and producers at the top of the chain : owner of a big label which fills dance floors every week. What has the electronic music scene given to you and what do you want to give back?

We are not done yet. I think we as DYSTOPIAN and me as an artist we have still visions, ideas and concepts to share. We have to give something back, that’s why we like music and art and that’s also part of the energy every weekend in the clubs around the world.

You left your job as an architect and your comfortable situation to finally live your dream. Today, can you say that you have realized it?

It feels like it was the right decision, yes.

What are your plans for 2018?

More music 🙂

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