To celebrate their 3rd year anniversary, our french side Dure Vie invited the young Eastern producer SE62 to play bombastic house music at La Machine du Moulin Rouge last week end. Before leaving Paris, SE62 left us with some nice words about underground music in Ukraine, his production process and what makes his life sweeter.

Hard Life • Why the name SE62? Is the name related to a TV show of whom we only know the episode, but not the season? ?  (S = Season / E = Episode / SE62)

SE62 • Haha, S = Season / E = Episode  – that’s a good idea, but no. The Name SE62 came from graffiti period. Numbers came after my home address: house no. 6 apt. no. 2. I was inspired by New York graffiti writer Taki 183.

Hard Life • On what occasion did you met the “My love is underground” family? Was it your producing skills or your dj skills that convinced them first?

SE62 • Well, first I heard about Jeremy from a friend of mine from Germany, who showed me the website Later, I found that Jeremy released MLIU 1 and is going to release MLIU 2. It was something amazing for that moment. Later I decided to send him some of my tracks via social networks. Then we started to communicate and first met personally in Kiev.

Hard Life • How is the electronic stage doing in Eastern Europe?

SE62 • Everything is pretty great with electronic scene in Eastern Europe, especially in Ukraine. During the past years a lot of strong producers and djs has grown, mostly in techno music: Etapp Kyle, Woo York, Dj Nastia, Stanislav Tolkachiev. Also I’d like to mention a good underground label called Wicked Bass by Noizar.

Hard Life • How does the nocturnal life looks like in Ukraine? Especially regarding recent events? Are you personally impacted by those events?

SE62 • Regarding the situation in Ukraine the nightlife had changed, but mostly in a good way. Techno music became more popular and I guess it connected with the state of minds of a young people. It pushed a new format of parties: huge raves called CXEMA, which take places in the different underground locations such as old warehouses, hangars etc. This parties attends about thousand people. I remember one under the bridge and it was crazy.

Hard Life • Coming from Eastern Europe, what do you think about micro-house?

SE62 • I can’t say something about it but I know that it is very popular in Romania.

Hard Life  • Can you give us a producer that inspires you, from today’s music and from the past electro stage?

SE62 •  I’m inspired by the early works of Glenn Underground, Ron Trent, Early Todd Terry, My Love is Underground crew and in general by hip-hop and house producers of golden era (90’s).

Liem x Hard Life

Hard Life • What artists inspired you to start producing House music?

SE62 • Theo Parrish definitely inspired me at the very beginning to start producing music.

Hard Life • What are your production methods? What kind of instruments do you use? On what hardware do you mix?

SE62 • Now I use SP1200, Casio RZ1 that my close friend presented to me this year, Yamaha DX7 and Ableton live for mixing.

Hard Life • Do you have any trick regarding production?

SE62 • SP1200 is my secret weapon

Hard Life • At what moment are you sure that your production are complete? Do you do your mastering yourself? With which element of the track does you start in a new production?

SE62 • For me the process of production never can be fully complete. Actually, I always can find something to change in a track. All my tracks I start with a proper kick drum, hats and hi-hats. I don’t do mastering myself. I give it away to sound engineers who do it quality with a special equipment.

Hard Life • When can we expect a new EP?

SE62 •  The new EP is expected soon this year.

Hard Life • Any magical track to share?

SE62 •  Michelle – Rush Hour Traffic

Hard Life  • Your favorite record?

SE62 • That is a difficult question. I have a lot of favorite vinyls.

Hard Life • How do you say “House Music hunter” in Ukrainian?

SE62 •  Мисливець хаус-музики (Myslyvec’ house muzyky).

Hard Life  • As our last question, I would like to ask you something related to our blog. Dure Vie, means Hard Life in English. Our moto is “life is hard, we make it sweet”. What exactly makes life sweeter for you?

SE62 •  Dancing smiling people

hard life x london

Interview by Les Chineurs de House 


Enjoy this 60 minutes exclusive mix freshly recorded for you fellows.