SQL is an inspiring young Amsterdam artist with a bright and exciting debut album ‘Sequel’. Landing on Gem Records, it is raw and undiluted. Over the last ten years he has learned many lessons and here uses them to create and album that is moody and emotive and combines the use of numerous pieces of analogue gear and his own field recordings samples.  Diverse, filled with raw feelings and various different grooves, it is a fine full length and here we speak to him about the album and much more besides. 

You have a new album coming, right? What made you decide to work on an album format? With electronic music isn’t the industry slanted towards single released and eps? Why go to this effort? 
The idea to do an album is something I’ve toyed with for many years but I felt I wasn’t ready for it yet. Last winter everything fell into place when I realised I had 35 good track ideas ready to go. I played it to Nick, A&R of Gem Records and he immediately said: “We MUST do an album!”. 
I don’t think the industry should ever dictate how music is made. This album is exactly who I am today musically. I want people to remember it. So we made it into a beautiful package with artwork by Hessel Stuut and arranged the tracks into a one hour journey. That’s something you can’t do on an EP.

SQL – Sequel | Debut album | June 9th | Gem Records

SQL – SEQUEL album & release party announcement **detailed info below**I’m incredibly proud to finally give you a glimpse of my upcoming double vinyl album Sequel. It’s the result of two years of studio work and an important period in my life. I overcame personal and musical issues but ended up with the best music I have ever made.HUGE thank you to Hessel Stuut for the amazing artwork. Planty Herbs and again Hessel Stuut for Musical contributions to the album. For mixing and mastering Misjah Van Der Heiden @ 24Mastering, Thomas Mugagga van Eijndhoven @ Everything Sound and Marco Spaventi. For making it all happen Nick Crockett & Secret Cinema @ Gem Records.** RELEASE PARTY **FB event: SQL – Sequel | album release w. Stefan Vincent, Nathan SurrealDate: June 9 (Vinyl, digital and release party)Tickets: 5 EURLocation: OT301, Amsterdam

Posted by SQL on Dienstag, 18. April 2017

Did you go back to the start for this – or was it a continuation of ideas you had already forged over your career?
Most of the tracks started out as jams. Just switching on a synth and playing. Some of them are over 2 years old. So I didn’t really start from scratch. It’s a big collage of things I have done in the last two years. Only a few tracks where made specially for the album like the opening track Metanoia.
You used a lot of analogue equipment whist producing this album; does it feel more “real” using equipment?
It definitely helps me to be creative in a different way than using only software. The way my studio is set up right now forces me to move away from my screen and just sit at a synthesizer and come up with something interesting. Whereas before I would end up just scrolling through sounds and pre-sets on the computer.
What were some of the themes you wanted to explore and why?
The main theme throughout the album is rebirth. I’ve broken through some patterns and scheme’s I’ve been dealing with for the better part of my music career. This had a profound effect on my attitude towards music and life.
How do you feel about the album now it is done? After spending such an amount of time on the record can you still listen back to it?
I’m very happy with the whole album, but you can endlessly keep on tweaking it. In the end, you have to stop and say: “This is it. This is the final version”.
Would you describe it as a headphones or dance floor album, was it meant to be heard in a club?
The album was meant for listening from the first track to the last so if I had to choose I would say headphones. But many of the tracks will work on the dancefloor!
What is next for you after this album project? Will you be touring the album?
I want to try to bring the vibe from the studio to the dance floor and perform the tracks live. The first showcase of my album live set is at the release party June 9th at OT301 Amsterdam. I will be joined on the line up by Nathan Surreal and Stefan Vincent. Really excited for this one!!
Do you prefer to record music or play out shows? Does one influence the other?
They are two completely different things. Being in the studio is more about experimenting and being creative, whereas with performing there is an audience that has expectations who you want to please while staying true to your own sound. Partly due to this I think I prefer the studio over playing shows. But I love to do both!
How does your approach to production differ from DJing? 
When DJing you are influenced by many different factors: What is the vibe of the club? Who is playing before me? Are people responding to this track or should I take it in another direction. The studio is much more personal. It’s just you and the music. Of course, dancefloor experiences make their way back to the studio in my mind.